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      Hey guys, just decided to write an update for everyone. My name is ashley, iam 18 and 33 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little girl. Lilliana Isabella Amaya. I just wanted to tell you guys my story in the hopes of inspiring some of you other young and scared teens who dont want to have an abortion, but are fearful of having your life "ruined." I have been with my boyfriend (now husband!!) for 4 years, He went away to basic training for the army in January of 06, so he has been gone almost a year. When he graduated basic and AIT, i flew out to Missouri to see him graduate. I was so very proud of him for finally getting things together, He came to visit for only 2 weeks, and during that time i got pregnant. We are and were "in love" and were never really careful with protection, nevertheless, i was SHOCKED when i found out i was pregnant. I hadn’t been using protection (not bcuz i wanted to have a baby, i just had the niave belief that it wouldnt happen to me) for the last 2 years with this guy, and then in TWO WEEKS i got pregnant like that. My family pushed for abortion, they threatened to kick me out, they cried to me all the time, told me i was commiting "child abuse" to have a kid too early and told me id never amount to anything. they told me id be poor and unable to support myself financially. They also told me my boyfriend wouldnt stick around. Needless to say, they were WRONG. ive only seen him twice during the time ive been pregnant when i was 10 weeks and just recently at 32 weeks, as im in TX and hes stationed in GA. so if u are also going thru a pregnancy alone, i know how hard it can be, but the moment u feel that little life moving inside of you i promise u wont regret keeping your baby. my parents were sure id be a high school dropout as ive never been good in school and they were positive id flunk out. i have been enrolled in school my ENTIRE pregnancy,and making ALL As and Bs!! i conceived may 5th, so i finished out my junior year last year, spent the ENTIRE summer in summer school so i could graduate early,(even threw up a couple times in the bathroom lol) and now in a week and 3 days i will be graduated. my daughter is my motivation, i want everything for her. i refuse to be another pregnant teen statistic, im still doing big things with my life. While the rest of my peers are finishing hs next semester, i will be having my baby (jan 26th.) and being a stay at home mom, probably moving to GA with my husband until he goes to iraq in september, when i plan on enrolling in a RN program at my local community college for a 2 yr degree. They start out making 50-60,000 dollars in my area!! so if anyone tells you that u cant finish school. you cant make something of yourself, you cant be a good mom, etc. THEY ARE WRONG, if you put your mind to it and work hard for your child you can do anything!! and one day i know she’ll appreciate how hard ive worked to give her a good life and to rise above the pathetic standards that are set to discourage pregnant teens!!! GOD BLESS =)


        i completely agree… i was pregnant at 15 and i got kicked out, and people would tell me that i would never be anything and that i wouldnt make it, but i am now pregnant with my 2nd child and going strong between cory and i we make 75,000 a year, i work at Parks and Recreation as a office assistant, i recently got this job, i had started working at department of rehabilation, and i was at a workshop.. working and i found a great job… it was awesome, but i COMPLETLY agree with you!


          if you love your child then you can do it. and if you are a woman then you can do it. and especially if people tell you that you cant i think that is just a bet to prove them wrong. well way to go. you did it. and you proved them wrong. you are a wonderful person and you will make a great mother.

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