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      I never ever imagined myself writting something like this in a million years. I assumed after I’d had two perfect and healthy babies everything would be okay.

      Then I found out I’m having a miscarriage to a baby I didn’t even really know about- yes I suspected but I wasn’t certain.

      Now I feel like a failure as a mother, i’m supposed to protect my child and make sure its okay. If maybe I’d have tested earlier then I could have prevented Harry from jumping on my stomach but sadly it was not to be.

      I am in termoil and I actually don’t know what to do


        i know exactly how you feel. but its not true. your not a bad mother for not knowing and even if you did know you cant prevent everything. my son jumps on me without warning all the time and lands usually right in the middle of my stomach. i knew i was pregnant last month but i still couldnt stop my son from jumping on me then i found out the day before his 2nd birthday that i lost my 2nd child. but there was nothing i could have done to prevent it. it just happens. but be happy that being so little your little angel will be in the care of heavens angels. i ask my grandmothers and my sister who are in heaven to watch over mine all the time and have faith that they will do so. thats about all you can do. wish i could help more but thats all i know.


          hi there,i understand the pain and dissapointment u feel at urself as a mother. but it was somehing u had no control over, it is not ur fault and pleez dont blame urself! u are a great mom to ur kids….i dont know about u, but i believe in Destiny, and in my opinion it was just destiny, ur son innocently jumped on ur belly and u like u said, u had only suspected at the time. ur baby is waiting for u in a better place, a place hat is eternal, and i hope u find comfort and solace in knowing that u will be re united again… if u would like to talk plz feel free to add me aa a friend. tace care x

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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