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      i had an abortion a couple of months back. And my heart will forever have a missing piece to it.

      i saw all the signs but didnt think anythiing of it. until one day i bought a pregnancy test and confirmed what i had already thought.

      I was pregnant. my whole world came crashing down. i told my boyfriend of two and a half years and immediatley he told me to have an abortion.

      at first i was for the abortion until i went to the clinic and had an ultra sound the doctor mustve saw me smile when i saw my baby because he said do u still want to go through with it. i looked down and said yes

      i didnt tell anyone except for my bf and my best friend. the night before the abortion i cried and cried and cried i didnt want to go through with it. i called my boyfriend and said i had too.

      i regret that decision every day of my life. i still cry myself to sleep sum nights and every time i see a baby i think that culdve been my baby.

      i would give up anything in the world to take back the abortion.

      some how the abortion has gotten around and ppl pay me out. but they dont realise what a true gift having a baby is. i now realise its a blessing. i shouldnt of listened to everyone. i just want to die sumtimes so i can go to heaven and be with my baby
      iive never felt such a love for anyone in my life


        take a deep breath..

        i wont tell you that its goin to be better…cause i cant do it…not from my experience out…

        i had my abortion on the 13th october,two years back…

        i totaly know what your sayin…

        if you ever wanna talk, just post me or send me a email, im there for you


          i totally understand what u feelbut the pain does get easier i promise u that some days i feel so awfl i dnt even wana get out of bed but really u will always love your baby and you will meet him/her one day in heaven and you can explain just try to live your life as normally aas possible. i completly understand the saying you don’tt know what ou’ve got until it’s gone x


            I know this is really hard to believe right now but the pain will ease with time. You will never forget but the constant thinking about it will eventually go away. I know what you are going thru I had an abortion 8 years ago and still I remember the day the baby was supposed to be born etc. This too will make you stronger. Hang in there as hard as that is right now. Jessica


              I don’t know what you’re going through, but I do have to say that you need to forgive yourself for this and pray.


                I’m going through the same situation. I’m 5 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend immediately said to get an abortion. we had always said that was what we would do if we ever got pregnant but as they day that i have to go through with it comes closer i can’t stop crying and its breaking my heart more and more.


                  jrlawrence07, please please don’t get the abortion! Look on your profile under “Guestbook” and see what Meg has said to you about it.
                  The abortion will be doubly hard if you really don’t want it in the first place.

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