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      My gf would like to know how long she has to wait for the abortion. I know you cannot provide actual times, but can you give us an idea of how long you guys had to wait. We have no intentions of keeping it, we are too young, and too naive.


        Hey Green18, I know how scary it must seem to be in the situation you are in, I was there as well before. However I did not choose to have an abortion, the baby that shook my world is now 6 going on 7. Life did not end for me, it got more difficult at times and I had to scrape by for a while but having her was the best thing to happen to me. Have you researched abortion and what the procedures are that you are handing your girlfriend over to? Have you seen images of early gestation babies and how developed they are? On an ultrasound image a baby at this early stage may look like a blob or a sea monkey but did you know that even at 6 weeks along a baby has individual fingers and his/her eyes are there and ALL of the internal organs are either fully developed or present? This child that you helped create whether on purpose or not, wanted or not, already has your features built into his/her DNA….your skills and talents and family history, your likes and dislikes for food, all of those things pass on and are already set in motion in this little life that desperately needs you to step up to the plate and be a daddy…that is a scary word for you right now I truly know and understand but abortion is permanent, you can not go back and say never mind, your girlfriend’s body can not be healed of the empty void that will replace this thriving life….please, take more time, if nothing else look into adoption…You cannot make this decision based on fear or feelings…being too young and or too naive is not a valid “excuse” too naive and too young in my book equals no sex so you have to know about the consequences, right?? Look I am not coming down on you or judging you, you guys slipped up, oops…it happens but there is a life involved, a human being…this is not like dropping your slice of pizza on the ground and throwing it away, this is not the kind of oops that can be undone, abortion does not fix an oops, it doesn’t fix anything, it adds to the hard realities that you are facing…it is a temporary fix with life long consequences whereas being a parent, even a young and naive one, or placing your child in someone else’s home may have immediate hardships but life long rewards….please take the time to talk with yours and her parents, friends, young parents you may know, a neutral party with the best interest of you and this baby in mind, but please wait…slow down, take a deep breath and see this for what it is, a human life that needs your protection, not only that but a part of you, living and growing in the womb of someone you obviously love enough to have ended up in this situation….I along with many others on here are available to talk, chat, email and for sure pray…please hear the cry for help from this precious child you created….Love Meg…


          before making up your mind completely about abortion ask your girlfriend to talk to the women on this site who have been through. Where you may think right now that you wouldnt be able to cope with a baby right now, there is in fact plenty of help and support for young parents and the effects of abortion can often be harder to cope with than having a child. This is a decision you may have to live with forever, so choose wisely. And no excuses, if you’re mature enough to have sex you should be mature enough to deal with the consequences.


            hey green18 i am a guy and my gf is prego.. she asked the same thing but i told her no… i am 17 and she is 16 do not have an abortion itsnot worth it. i see all these womens testimony after they have an abortion and think… wat if i allowed my babygurl to go through with it… i love my son or daughter… if you still dont want to keep ur baby. put him or her up 4 adoption… who knows maybe one day you mite be ready to accept them and they will come back 2 you.. as a fellow guy id personally adopt your kid. i love babies and if you decide you wanted them back i would giv him or her to you. i mean seriously no life deserves to be wasted… even if it was a mistake.


              i agree with mweber.. you should probably reconsider.. or at least give some more thought to what you want to do. and there are other alternatives.. there are so many people who want kids and can’t have them. maybe you should consider adoption.:youhoo:


                Your baby has a heartbeat! He is happy, he is alive, he is growing! Don’t kill him! I have my little baby, I can’t imagine having him cut into little pieces alive, burned or sucked out! In the Name of Jesus this child’s life is not for you to decide over. God is weaving this child in your girlfriends womb! Who said you’re too young? Life will still go on, just you’ll be a father to a wonderful little being. You actually already are a father. This cannot be undone! It’s already done. If you kill your baby, it won’t be like he never existed. It will be like he once was but you cut off his life. You took away his future. You can do this! Your girlfriends body able carry the baby! Your parents will get over it and they will adore your little one! You cannot hate or want to murder a little baby. When you go ahead and have your little one, you will cry at the thought that you wanted to harm him. My friend walked out of the abortion clinic at 19 and now she is so glad she kept her little boy, so is my brother who had the appointment with the abortionist. He was in shock when his son took too long to breathe after being born. God will carry you. There is always a way out! Please I beg you, don’t kill that little citizen of this world, he is precious to us, if you don’t care about him! Ask yourself if you’re not putting the pressure on your girlfriend? She might secretly want to keep the baby! Will you be there when she is depressed after? Some become suicidal! You place your feet in the shoes of Death himself!


                  i am not judging you for your decision, but know that being a teen parent is not easy but there is plently of people out there to help you. the facts of abortion; its not a form of birth control, and it WILL haunt you. my bestfriend had one and now every Nov. 1 (her said due date) she crys and crys. it has been 2 years and she is still not over it. the ultimate decisions is, of course, yours but please PLEASE think and talk it over with your parents, and even people who have been through it.

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