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      I best friend had her baby 4 months ago. He is the sweetest thing, but she is having such a hard time. She is 21 years old, has a full-time job. She lives with her ex-boyfriend (babies daddy). He doesnt help at all.

      The first month was absolute hell! I was around her all the time, and the baby, it was almost unbearable. But as an older friend (i’m 23), I offered to babysit for her once a week to give her a break.

      The first week: had to go to the go to the hospital every 2 days because he had jaundice.
      He had colic for the first 3 weeks.
      He has had 3 colds, and the flu once.
      She finally had to give in and get government assistance, even though she has greta insurance. Just because everythind she has to buy for him.
      He has Acid Reflux, so he spits up constantly.

      My friend is at the end of her ropes. Her parents help out all the time, as do I am my mom, since they have a great relationship as well.
      She put him in daycare, and that is a fortune!
      She hasn’t slept in about 6 weeks. I mean literally, only 2 hours a night, at most. Because he can’t sleep because his tummy is bothering him. So he is on a medicine for that.

      How can I help my friend? I have offered to go to a local Group Therapy with her, so she has som support. She is trying to get in to see a counselor.

      I feel just awful for her. He is just the sweetest baby, but he has been sick so often, and she works too much, so she barely has time for him.


      Taurus babe

        I think you are doing a great job. Just keep giving her the support she needs. Offering to go to therapy with her is awesome. The only other thing that I can think of is to babysit her baby as often as you can. Maybe you could set something special up for her ( I know money is probably a main concern here) but maybe you could some how get a manicure set up for her, or get another one of her girlfriends to have movie and a dinner night together while you watch the baby. You emotional support is very important and you sould like a great friend!


          well i realli think u should just help as much as u can and just stick by her side as long as she needs u



            I think it is awesome that you have stepped in to help out. One thing that has helped me through seasons of difficult children (Ihave 2) is to sing to them. Every night at bedtime I sing "Jesus loves me" to my daughter and I sing"Jesus loves the little children" to my son. They are so used to being tucked in with those songs that if they are having a hard day or get hurt and I sing their song to them it calms them down. I dont know the age limit but you could also ask his pediatrician how old he has to be to have small amounts of ‘Airborne’ I know that when my family is all getting "the crud" that it helps alot…also ‘Emergen-C’. I hope that my advice helps a little and I pray that the Lord would Bless you big time for having such a big heart….Love and Prayers…Meg


              Thank you all for your ideas, and support! I appreciate it millions!!

              The baby, Theo, is doing so much better! He is sleeping about 4 hours at a time, and wakes up about 2 or 3 times a night! My friend is doing awesome! She said she finally has some energy!!
              We hung out the other night, and her son is so cute and funny!

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