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      My ex and me were together for almost two years. When we found out about our daughter Lily he was off the ways happy. I was 17 and thought well if he wants to help me rasie her fine. Well the day she was born he was there he held her, and was so sweet. Well when I was getting released to go home, I asked if my daughter would be coming home with me and I was told that her father had already taken her home the day before. Well that was fine with me since I lived with him. I got to the apartment we shared and found some other women sitting on the couch, I asked her where josh was. She said that he had gone to pick me up, right then he walked in the door handed our daughter to me and told me I had 30 min. to pack my stuff and leave. I was pissed I had no where to go since my dad and his wife had kicked me out in the first place. I ended up having to call my gradmother in Seattle to see if I could come stay with her until I could find a place to stay. I had to quit my job, take all of my savings and take a bus all the way from Baltimore, MD to Seatle, WA with a new born. Now that was seven months ago in that time I have found out that my daughter has some muscle problems, and that she has a major heart problem. I have no idea on what to do.


        WOW!!!they shouln’t of allowed him to take the baby home without u!I feel really bad for you and your daughter…you shouldnt go back wit him but u should tell him…(if he cares about the baby)..if he doesnt, then you can do it on ur own…u dont need a man to be there!..u can be mom and dad!if anything message me!


          Thanks. He showed up the other day, and wantd to take her to the park. Now he hasn’t called or wanted to vist it with her since she was born. She doesn’t know him and doesn’t like people she doesn’t know to hold her. On top of that he hasn’t helped me out this whole time. So I told him theres the door get out of here. I can’t beleive him when he says he’s changed, and really just wants to be a good father.


            My daughter passed away because of this guy’s wife.


              are you ok thats so terrible!


                I’m okay. I have had time to come to trems with everything. And since I’m due in Jaunary with my second child I have to let go but not let her out of my heart.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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