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      Many of you know my wifey.. or Devyn…
      Our daughters is Kennah… ya i dont really know how this works… my girfriend has been writing on this since 2 days ago.. i figured i would write somethings….I have no idea what to do… our daughter is just ….. leaving us… it is uncomprehensible… i was just playing with her on the carpet last week,.. telling her to say dada… and teaching her how to walk while i held her she is just not even alive it seems.. she is a figure of what she used to be… Man i dont know what to say to devyn.. she just crys and crys.. she hasnt sleep or eatin… i keep trying to tell her that things wil be ok.. but i dont know that… i just am scarred to death she will get sick to… My Kennah.. my baby girl, the one i am suppose to protect and keep from harm… that is my job and i didnt do it.. i jsut dont know what to do… please girls.. any advice… I am trying to stay strong for Dev… but… inside im a mess… it doesnt look good… how do i ?? what do i do… how do we live after this?


        i am so sorry to hear that yur babygirl is sick may god with you all.


          your post made me actually cry, i am so sorry for you and wish you and your family all the best … my heart goes out to you <3


            hi there. i dont think there is anything anyone can say to make u feel better atm. i think thatwhat u are going through is that worst thing in the world and i dun no what u can tell ur wife to make her feel better. i think the best thing to do would be there for one another. get through together and then hopefully it will make things a little better. if the worst does happen to ur daughter, it will happen because it is her time to go. maybe this is happening to preent her from something worse happening in the future. she has had a happy life i am sure., let nature take its course. i no this sounds really heartless but there is nothing more u can do. leave it to the doctors and see. support ur partner through this and let her support u too. be there for one another. get through this and u guys will be ok together. there is another lady on here who has lost three children, maybe talk to her about how she has gotten through. she has posted a blog called ‘FEELING EMPTY INSIDE’ or something along those lines. good luck and i hope ur daughter does get better.


              I’m so sorry. I am praying for you guys,


                Pray Pray and Pray, even when it seems like nothing is happening par. And Pray some more. I’ll pray with you.

                THIS SITE IS WAK

                  awwww dont worry about it she probably has or has colic all babys have that at some point (it’s gas) gas that they dont know how to release that hurts them..babys cry she’ll be fine dont worry about it.


                    You and your family are in my heart and my prayers. God gave you his angel…he misses her…can you blame him? Hug your wife and cry with her. Believe me thats the probably the best thing for both of you right now…x


                      that is soo sad.. I am so sorry I know that i cant tell you how i feel because i have never had that happen to me personaly. I will pray for your family keep us posted!!
                      may god bless you


                        Hi Youngman,
                        My name is Yolandi Brindeau. I live in South Africa. I am a mother of a baby girl Michaella ( she will be four years old Feb 2008) and I have a baby boy, Rowan ( He will be 8 months old the 10th of Jan 2008).As I sit here, tears are just streaming down my face, because I have developed a psycological thing over the fear of losing any one of my kids.May I ask you what is the reason why you say your daughter is dying? Was she diagnosed with some kind of illness?I can not even try to imagine what you and your wife are going through…just the though of it hurts too much. All I can say is that God does have a plan with your little Angel. She is too precious to be in this ugly world and God needs her for more important things Up There. Just know that if you live your life for God from now on, You WILL be reunited with your little Angel one day….and she will call you DADDY…. and she will tell you that all the time you were on Earth mourning over her, she was at a better place ans she was sitting on God’s lap, laughing and having a great time. Its human to mourn….and I would most certainly tooo, but I just think if you go to a place where you can make it ÿour plae, where you can sit and talk to your little girl when she is gone, and where you can cry and just let go of your emotins…you will learn to find peace in your heart, and that will give you time to focus on "One Day" when you will se her again.
                        Please reply to me….I will be thinking of you and your family and I will pray for God to give you another chance with your daughter.
                        Love, Yolandi

                        Baby Girl101

                          i am so sorry. don’t get your self down. god chose this path for her. you did everything you could. you sound like a great father. i never really had a father.


                            Much love to you and your family.
                            Even though u are the protector of ur family…you are human too…u can protect your family if someone is physically trying to hurt them…but u can’t protect them from forces that are completely out of your control…hug and talk to ur wife and daughter…tell them u love them…cry with ur wife and let her know that you’re not going anywhere either…she probably has the same fear of losing u as u do of losing her…pray together for peace and for comfort for your baby girl…there’s probably nothing else u could do…its natural you are going to be hurting…My belief is that Heavenly Father lives, his son Jesus Christ lives and only they can give u the peace that u’ll need if ur daughter dies…I watched my mum and dad after my sister died…it tore them apart and eventually our whole family…the mistake made was that I don’t think they mourned together or talked about it and my dad ended up blaming my mum and God and everyone else…it really is a hard place to be…I can’t ever imagine being in that situation…it would kill me! However, I do believe that if the worst does happen…you will see your baby girl again and you will still be her daddy and you will live as a family again…cos I believe that families can be together forever…turn to him because his way will guarantee your family will be forever.

                            All of my families love and light to you, your wife and your precious little daughter… May u have peace and comfort..

                            Aroha tino nui


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