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    sophia roses mummy

      im 16 years old and i had an abortion of my litle girl when i was 15 years old its been 6months and 2 weeks today i was 6months and 1 week pregnant i didt tell my mum and dad till i was 5months and 3 weeks pg and they made me have the abortion, my mum said if i didt have the abortion she would do it herself so i had no choice atall and it broke my heart aborting my litle girl and i will never ever forgive myself for whats happend but it does help in a way that i did actually do the best thing for my daughter because i was not ready to be a mum and i was too young and nieve when i got pregnant and i did learn the hard way i guess, but my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years on the 4th march 2009 but ollie hates to talk about sasha-lou i say he hates to talk about her he never does anymore
      before i told my mum and dad i was pregnant me and ollie wanted to keep her but i was really scared and confuesed on what to do.

      if anyone wants to talk about wever to have a abortion, im happy to talk
      because it is iriversable and it’s so hard to move on and forgive yourself i kno i wont ever be able to forgive what i did to my daughter but you can try and move on with you’re life.

      thankyou for reading 🙂

      love Gabby Hunter

      x x


        hi gabby, i was touch by your story, i had abortion on 30/6/2007 i was 6wks pregnant and 21 year old and my mother made me get one 2, she threat take away my four year old daughter katie who was 2 at the time and it was worst mistake of my life i still fink my wee angel, and now i found im pregnant again due in dec 09 and my mum tried to get me have ano abortion told me she gave me money do go over england again, but i refused and she would talk to me luck for me she lives in spain now but i would never put myself through that never again and found out im expecting a boy , i know you feel guilty but not you fault and enjoy this pregnancy hun and good luck with your baby girl your make a good mum 🙂


          hey gabby,
          i read your post.
          im 16 and just found out im pregnant. about 4 weeks along is all. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and he wants me to get an abortion and says he refuses to be a father and that i have to pick the baby or him. I want to keep the baby. I told my parents and i think they are willing to help me take care of it. but im just so sad and confused. should i get an abortion or keep it?
          chandler and baby


            Hi ChanandBaby,
            It sounds to me that you really don’t want to have an abortion. It sounds like you are considering this because it is what your boyfriend wants. I think if I were you I would consider what you want. You, after all, will have to live with the side effects and complications of abortion for the rest of your life – not him.

            What is so amazing is that your parents are willing to help you!! You are in a good position – you are not totally on your own.

            I think that if I were you I would listen to what your heart is telling you to do and not your boyfriend. Right now you have a wonderful little baby inside of you. He or she deserves to have the chance to live. He or she is not to blame and should not be punished.

            I think you are a Stand Up Girl and I think that you can do this. I think that you have what it takes to be a mother.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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