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      I am hoping someone out here can help me with how I am feeling lately.

      Basically my story is I was 22 when i had my abortion I was 7 weeks and 1 day when i went for my first ultrasound, I had the abortion 7 days later so my baby was 2 months I had just started to show and experience the symptons ie: morning sickness. I am a waitress and currently taking time off from school. The father of my baby, was not unknown it was the boy i lost my virginity to and had been dating on and off for years approximately 5 years. He was well aware of the baby and we had sat down and discussed it and decided the best choice for us at the moment is abortion.

      I went in for my abortion on June 30th, and have never been so sad or in so much pain in one day my whole life, it was a pain i couldn’t explain, and after i felt so empty i didn’t even want to move.

      Well it has been about 2 months since then and my sadness and depression is not getting any better, i miss my baby and my hope more then anything, I feel like i am facing all of this alone.

      My babys father has moved on he has a new girlfriend and we no longer discuss our child as I am sure he considers it over, but for me it is not over the pain and the sadness has not left me. I am scared this is something i will deal with forever, and i won’t get past the hurt.

      Is there anyone out there who has been through it and has any advice, i feel like i will never get out of the this hole.

      thank you

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