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      I Just recieved a text off my boyfriend saying Hes had second thoughts about the baby and he dosent want it and he no longer wants to see me because he dosent feel the same .. i dont no how to deal with this .. hes left me alone .. i am s bitter right now ..


        Hey, I think I can recall your boyfriend leaving a post just awhile back?? You are the 14 and 15 year old couple right?? Wow, how awful, I can understand your feelings of bitterness, Well, the only advice I feel I can offer you is to talk to him face to face (not cell phone to cell phone) and see if his second thoughts are something he’s really set his mind on. Deciding you want a baby and then changing your mind is not a good place for you guys to be in. It takes two fully commited people (or at least one) to care for a baby. If you guys are stuck on indecision you may have to decide what’s best for the baby. I don’t support abortion but adoption is a win win situation. Anyways, think it out and tell me how things turn out. Maybe you guys need to go to a clinic and get a nurse or someone to lay it down for you, the realities and responsibilities, give you the information and provide you with full details about all 3 options you have to choose from. Either way, this child is going to be there (whether you choose to end its life or not) for the rest of BOTH of your lives and I believe it is crucial for you guys to make a decision based on proper information and decision making. Good luck and tell me how things work out. 🙂


          wow girl i didnt know you were going through this why would he do this hes the one who cameh ere supporting him maybe its his family telling him this cause i really bel., he loves you from what i know i do.give him space now i know hes hurt you n no matter what he says he did want this baby.i know you feel alone but trust me your not we are all here 4 u no matter what you choose or what happens . email me if you like im here always . dont feel bitter towards him iyts his family n you both are young hes prob scared i know you are i dont want to sound like im no his side cause no way am i he should fight his parents n be there for you n the baby.,i hope it works out for you keep me posted


            Damn, I can’t imagine what you are feeling because of this guy. He helped creat your little baby, but now he doesnt want to be with you or the baby? Thats just wrong.I say that you be the srtong on, If he doesnt want to be qith your or the baby…F*** him…He’s not a true man. No matter what the problem is , he should be the one stepping up and saying that its his responsibility as well, and he should be there for you and this baby.

            I hope your a strong girl, Hold your head up, Things happen for a reason, dont let your baby suffer for all the bad things in life…:blink:

            Take Care…Keep me updated!

            😉 JayJay 😉


              Well i would have to say your bf is very similar to my baby’s daddy. If he goes and TEXTs you and tells you that than i think that should be your sign of saying ‘bye bye’. That is just so immature of him to do that. My baby’s dad told me almost the same exact words over the phone and i havent talked to him since i was 5 months pregnant with my now 3 month old daughter. i am telling you girl you dont need him at all. Dont let girls discourage you by saying you wont make it without the dad because that is not true. I actually think you would be better off without him. Good luck girl and keep your head up high K


                Make it clear to that b–stard. If he didn’t want a baby, the time to say so was BEFORE you two had sex. Make that clear. He is half that baby, thus he has no options when it comes to opting out of taking care of the baby.


                  i kinda agree with reddox…he had said yes and now he’s saying no…well it’s too late to back down..if he doesn’t want to be with u than he can atleast pay child support…i hope things get better and turn out well…good luck


                    wow, how stressful. If he is going to be a jerk about the whole situation, i wouldnt want him by the baby by him anyway. He may change his mind. All guys kind of have that scared moment, where they are questioning everything that has happened, expecially if you are having a baby. It is a hard change for both you, the mother of the child, and for the father of the child. Both of you have gotten into the situation, and it is not anyones fault. Things just happen. Wait for a while to see if he decides to help support you, and then when the baby is born if he supports the baby. Its going to be hard, and stressful both. But there is n’t really any turning back now. As long as you are still up for the challenge for the baby that is all that matters. There will always be them guys that come and go. My babys daddy is extremely excited, and we have been in a relationship and on a break and in a relationship on and off through my whole pregnancy and including for 5 years before i got pregnant. But we have been best friends for 5 years also, even if he is dating another girl for a while, he always tends to break up with her and come back to me, he cant seem to stay away too long. Expecially since we are having a baby in January. He is very suppportive, but he is also 3 years older than me. I really don’t know anything about your situation. but I would say just wait to see if the dad changes his mind, otherwise forget about him, and don’t give him any rights unless he is going to help support. Still get child support. But yea i would say just wait to see if he changes his mind, because he too, just as you do, have the right to be scared about the whole situation. Hope that helps..C ya


                      Well, first I am sorry you are going through this feeling so alone. That must really be hard. It seems your boyfriend is really imature for texting you telling you that…that is something he should at least say in person, not through a stupid text message. He needs to step up to the plate and be a man. If I were you, I would just say, "fine, I dont care, I know me and the baby will be just fine without you. and i am sure I will meet a wonderful guy in the near future and he will be the dad…not you". haha, he would probably get so jealouse if you said something like that. Just let him know that he can be replaced easily. Let him think about your baby calling some other man daddy, that should make hime think twice. Hehe, well i hope i helped.


                        Any man can be a FATHER, it takes a special guy to be a DAD.

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