my boyfriend and family want an abortion.

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      i’m 19 and in my first year of univerdity and found out I was pregnant last week. my boyfriend of 3 months and my family want an abortion but he thought of it makes me feel sick and cry. does anyone have any advice for me?? like what financial help and just general support would there be for me if I do decide to keep the baby??


        I think you should listen to that sick feeling. If you feel sick now just thinking about having an abortion just imagine how you will feel after you have an abortion. Abortion sometimes seems to other people to be the best solution, but only know what the best solution is and I think that your body is giving you a message loud and clear.

        There is a lot of financial help available. To find help in your area all you have to do is follow this link: Type in your zip code and a list of pregnancy resource centers will appear. Just call the one that is closest to you and tell them exactly what you told us. You are in good hands and there is no need to worry.

        My friend, thinks will take care of themselves. You can do it. You can make it through this.


          Listen to your heart, or you will cry every day. I was 15 and did not know what i was doing , looking at pic of fetuses now i wish someone would have supported me and showed me what i was doing, the regret will never go away , even when you are grown and have your husband and your children you will always cry about that decisision you were forced into. As for your boyfren, what a LOSER. YOu need support, I can tell you that as a single mom who went thru college alone you will get more financial aide,scholarships, grants then you ever could without your baby, there are soooo many programs to help moms with daycare and transportation even just finding a friend for support who has gone thru it, just open up your phone book, or ask your Ob doc. the wic office can help you too,they help makesure you get proper nutrition while pregnant by providing checks for food while pregnant. Please dont feel alone, and dont allow anyone to make your decision for you it will be the worst mistake of your life. I dont know where you are in the world , but i will always be here to support you as much as possible. you can suspend college without losing your fin aide too while you have your baby , went until i was due, went to the fin aide office and got a semester off, and got to keep my money(*loans aide)You can Do This, and you wont be sorry. NO one loves you more than your baby. sincerly, Arlene LaSerna


            Hello, What ever you decide. Please do not abort the baby there are so many family’s out here like My Husband and I who are looking to adopt a baby that can’t have any that are willing to adopt a baby right now. We have been looking to adopt a baby for a very long time now. And as I read this website about all the abortion it kills me to see this when I am looking to adopt. For everyone in the website don’t abort there is family out there looking for a baby. hope everyone see this. Please stop abortions. luvanewbaby


              do what ur heart is telllin u coz, i did it n it was the biggest mistake of my life. i woke up from the anesthetic in tears, and i could feel the emptiness of where dey had taken my baby. i now suffer from depression coz of dis. me n my bf are still 2gther n he know if i get preganat again we are keeping it. He was the 1 who didn’t want it and i was at uni too. Plz dnt do it.


                Its a tough situation and I know exactly what your feeling right now.It has been almost a year since I found out I was pregnant. My family and boyfriend were pushing me towards abortion and I was young and had no idea what to do so I just gave in I felt that same sick feeling you did I knew it wasnt right it wasnt what I wanted and I know I should of gone through with it.Its your body,your baby and your decison and dont let anyone decide for you all that matters right now is you and the baby and no matter what you choose make sure its the decision you know you want because your the one that has to live with it not them. Theres plenty of resources out there to help and this website has some great links and stuff to help you through it.I wish I had found this website and talked to people before I made my choice because I know that I would of not let others decide for me because it was my baby not theirs and I regret not choosing for myself every single day.Good luck keep us posted on your decision stay strong you can get through this no matter what you choose.


                  Hi there :kiss: , if i was in your possition i would ask my own family what they wanted :S . its not fare that his family chose what to do , have they got a reson for u to do that ? , your 19 not 9 its not as if ur to young , chin up hun and u chose for your self i am here for u :woohoo: :woohoo: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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