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      😛 Hi my name is Marissa and I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant and I want to ask anyone who is willing to answer back, what type of things have you had to go through during your beginning weeks? When does morning sickness eventually stop:sick: ? When is the earliest time I can find out what I’m having? PLEASE help me out with my problems!!!:pinch:


        Hey! I found out what I was having around 20 weeks of the 5th month. I think some people find out a little sooner. My morning sickness stopped in my second trimester but I have known people to have it the whole pregnancy. In my third trimester I have bad heartburn and swollen feet…oh all the joys!!!


          well its diff w everbody i didnt have morning sickness w my daughter but was sick all the time w my son..the appts r about the same song and dance urine tests weight bloodpressure etc.


            Congratulations on your pregnancy.
            Unfortunately all pregnancies are different so for me to tell you when morning sickness will stop doesn’t make sense… however I will say that it should be beginning to ease up for you sometime soon. I would bring it up to your doc at your next appointment and if it’s really bad still they may prescribe something to lessen it. As for gender prediction, they can usually see from about 15 weeks on although it’s up to your baby whether he/she cooperates, and the standard code of practice where you are whether or not your doctor will tell you.


              hello, i found out the sex of my baby at 18weeks. I think most
              doctors would say this is the earliest since they can also check
              the fetal developmental as well via ultarsound.
              Oh no, the dreaded morning sickness-it was pretty much done
              with me when 2nd trimester came along, I do get little bouts
              of nausea here and there, but it is nothing intense.

              If you have any question, feel free to ask me!

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