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      My daughter has pnenomia…she is in the hospital and very very sick… She is my only baby, her father is with her right now, we are taking turns… i just dont know what to do.. she is soo sick and is huked up to soo many machines and such!! She sleeps all the time, she cant even cry because she has no energy!!! She is in ICU and to see her we have to put masks on.. the bacteria has entered her blood stream and invaded her lungs… I dont even know half of what they said to us.. all i can remeber is him saying "be prepared"… BE PREPARED… FOR WHATTTTTT… has anyone ever lost a child… even as i write that, my mind cant comprehend it.. I fought so hard to keep her in my life.. I am soo tired, it justs tires me to watch her getting worse.. I just want to take it on myslef… this is the only way i have been keeping sain.. so many needles, blood, and specimens.. Her eyes used to sparkle, she just looks so clouded.. so pathetic and i cant help her!!! I cant eat, i cant sleep.. if this is really her time, i want to be with her every minute… she has such a high fever that they are worried abuot seizures!! is this my fault? what did i do? they say it wasnt but i feel as her mother i should have protected her… My boyfirend (her father) hasnt left her side since she was admitted.. we went to the doctor thinking she had a terrible cold, we wanted to get her antiboitics!!! now they are telling us to be "prepared" i am not prepared to say goodbye… She justs started saying Mama.. How can i let her go… i cant imangine a world without her in it… She is everything to me, she is the reason i wake she is the reason i strive for better.. i am holding her blanket to my face and crying as i wirte this… what do i do???? anyone? what do i do!!!!! [code:1][/code:1]


        Hi, Devyn.

        Yes, I do know how it is to lose a child. My son Jake died May14 2000, the day he turned five months old. We were close and he’s still very much a part of my life. It really destroyed me for a while that he was attached to machines that didn’t tell me that he would live. He was expiring right in front of me and I was powerless.

        Devyn, pray and pray a lot. Pray that God will do what is best for you and your family. Trust that whatever He gives you, it willbe for what is best for you and your baby. The Lord is kind and merciful and you have to trust in that.

        Be strong. You know why the doctors are asking you to be prepared. We both knot what that means. Be strong for your baby and shower her with as much love you can now even if just means holding her hand and singing in her ear.

        I will be praying for you.

        If you need to talk to a parent who still cries about a lost child, please feel free to email me anytime.



          I hope she gets better!! My 2 kids are ill too. My daughter has a genetic disorder and my son has a major heart problem, I do no what its like to watch your child lying there and you feel so helpless. Inside your falling apart. Ive never prayed before but i will do tonight! I really hope she gets better. She looks like a little angel,
          Jauhara x


            how long does it take to recover..i feel like i cant breath without her.. She passed on Friday.. I cant move or eat or sleep… when will this rock lift off my chest? what did you do to cope???? please…


              Im so sorry hun, I cant tell you how much it kills me to see people go through this kind of pain. My heart is bleeding for you and your boyrfiend. Your baby will get energy from you, sing to her and be with her, because if you don’t you will always hate yourself for it. The routine ( as far as I witnesed it) is that at a certain point they will ask you if you want to pull her off the machines, and I know it might sound harsh, and you will want to kill them for saying this, but if it does get to that point ( I PRAY THAT IT DOESNT), you really have to sit down and discuss your options.
              With her illness, what would the long term effects be? can she live a normal life?
              Me and my boyfriend burried his parents on feb 17th of this year and our daughter on feb 21st so I really understand where you are coming from.

              feel free to email me anytime. As strong as your love is for her, you guys WILL find the strength to deal with this. God never lets you handle something he knows you cant. You are in pain and you are hurt but you will get through this.

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