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      So I am 7 months pregnant and the father of my baby would not take his responsibility of being a father. I want my daughter’s life to be perfect. But what if when she grows up he’ll ask where is her father…What should I do???:blink:


        Just because your baby’s father didn’t take the responsibility of being a father doesn’t mean your baby’s life won’t be perfect. My daughters father told me “It’s not mine, I have a girlfriend now so stop trying to ruin my life.” when I told him I was pregnant… Now my daughter is 4 months old and NOW he wants to be there. Now he says he’s sorry and he was scared and he wants to be a family. I thought he would never turn around but he completely changed. I’m not saying every guy will be like that and life isn’t perfectin any way, but you can do your best to give our baby the best life you can… and you can do it.


          Thank you for the advice.We seem like the same situation.I know he’ll be sorry for what he have done.


            I’m 19 & I have two beautiful kids. A little boy who’s two years old & a little girl who’s two months. My little guys’ daddy hasn’t ever had anything to do with him. He’s starting to ask where his daddy is & I keep telling him sometimes you have to wait a little longer then other kids to get a good daddy, but it’ll happen. My little girls’ daddy is still in the picture, but it’s hard. We have been fighting all the time & we don’t agree on things & he doesn’t see her very much. He says things will be okay eventually & we’ll get married. But I can’t wait forever, because eventually it’ll be hurting her to hear us argue & us not get along.

            Sometimes guys can’t step up to the plate. It’s hard for some guys to grow up. My boyfriend & her daddy is 20 & he just doesn’t wanna grow up. He doesn’t want to realize that things aren’t going to be like they were before. Sometimes it’s hard, but sometimes the best thing you can do for your child is not push the father to be a daddy. It’s better to wait for someone who wants to be a daddy to be a daddy then for the father who doesn’t want to be a daddy to be a daddy. The best thing I did for my little boy was just leave it alone. I know he has a better life with just me then he would’ve with both of us.. You are more then capable of giving your little one the best life possible, your baby doesn’t need a daddy to make a perfect life. You can do it!


              tHAnk you so much.I know I can do it. I will do my best for my baby. I know I could find someone who will love us and accept my daughter. I know my ex-boyfriend would not communicate with me because I think he’s scared of having this kind of responsibility. But I’ll try to let it go and set my life free from. I know I can find someday someone who will treat me well. But If my baby really want to see her daddy, I’ll try to meet him up so my daughter wouldn’t be jealous with other kids who has a father. Thank you so much for sharing.


                Well I’m glad I helped. Sometimes I am unsure weather I sound mean or not when really I’m not. I really do hope he turns around… but sometimes it’s best that the dads aren’t in the picture. My friend has a baby and that baby’s dad wasn’t there either (he actually had her jumoed when she told him she was pregnant) but she still loves him… and just like me NOW he wants to be there for her and the baby but he is in jail and was a drug dealer… and I personaly think that she shouldn’t do that to her baby (my dad was in jail and it completely ruined my life when my mom got back together with him) so i’m speaking from experience but that is her choice. Just remember to make that right choice for your baby. And I know sometimes it can be hard. If you want to talk I am here.


                  Thank you very much for being there. I really appreciate it. I know time will come my daughter will have the right dad for her.


                    Give it time. If he doesn’t, then I promise you that he will pay for it for the rest of his life. Your daughter is never going to have a perfect life. We all have to face that our children are going to grow up and have some complications and imperfections, but hey- that’s just life. Just remember always to put your baby FIRST.


                      If he is being like that then you do not need him. Life will not be perfect for your daughter because life never is.Just make the best out of the situation that you have and make him pay child support


                        im in the same situation now, once i told the father i was pregnant he automatically denied being the father even though he knows its his. but i think once ur babys father starts to see how much ur child is growing, hes gonna see that he needs to step up, keep reminding him that hes the father and u just want him there for her and thats all u ask.

                        i hope things work out!


                          I was brought up by my mom only and I can tell you when I was a kid I was really happy. We had very little money but my mom loved me (and now I save heaps because I don’t eat chocolate). Eventually after 24years my dad finally contacted me(a 1 line email). As long as you love her that is all that matters. She will have a perfect life.

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