my baby had no heartbeat

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    ladii m

      :blink: I went to the doctor for my second appointment and they couldn’t find a heart beat my baby died over two weeks ago i was four and half months and i had to get it removed yesterday they’re trying to see why the baby died everysince they told my baby was dead i’ve been outta of it so i’ll really love some support right now. :blush:


        oh my gosh girl, it hurts me to hear that. I am so sorry and I hope everything will be fine with you! please stay positive and try to keep your head held high!! Your sweet unborn child will be awaiting you in heaven! I know that even though he or she was not even born yet, you made such a strong connection with your baby! if you ever need some one to talk to, i am here!!


          I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and I know it’s especially hard after agonizing over the pregnancy in the first place. I’ve never been through what you’re going through now, but I do pray you’ll find peace in knowing you made the choice to give this baby life despite your worries at the time. I hope you’ll find comfort in your kids and boyfriend and all the girls here who are hurting for you too.


            im so sorry to hear about your baby you must be under alot of stress rite now thats so hard if you need anyone 2 talk 2 im on here mommy6. i hope you start to feel better soon n may your little one rest in heaven.


              I am so sorry. I will be praying for you.Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand until later on. Sometimes we never understand. I hope that when the time is right you will be blessed with another baby. Your little one is looking down on her mommy everyday.


                aww, honey, i’m so sorry. i can feel for your pain though, because i was pregnant too but miscarried. i was nowhere near as far along as you were, but i still empathize. my heart goes out to you, girl. feel free to leave a message on my page if u ever need to chat.



                  hi there,

                  i know excatley what you are going through, i lost my baby at 12 weeks. they could not find a heartbeat either. Plus5 months earlier i went through an abortion so it was even harder loosing a baby. if you ever need someone to talk to please ill be there for you

                  love lisa xxx


                    im so sorry for your loss hun, i know how hard it is to lose a part of you, I had an abortion 2 octobers ago and my baby died this past feb, I wish there was something I could say to help feel you better, but Im speechless when it comes to this. All i can say is that, you will find peace, it will take some time, but youll find peace and youll be ok, love and time will heal all things. email me anytime, if you need to talk.


                      I really don’t know what to say.You poor thing.I wish you all the best trying to get over it :(:(


                        I’m sorry to hear about your baby.. I can truly say that I know how you feel because I lost my baby also. I can tell you this though even though you may feel the need to question GOD as to why it happened. All things are done for a reason. Its okay to feel sad because you lost a part of you. Just dont let your self stay in a sad mode to long. You just have to pray and ask GOD to give you the strength to move on, and if you need to talk to someone close to you about how you are feeling. You will make it throught and GOD will bless you in time…. GOD BLESS!!


                          Sorry will never take the pain away, no amount of patience or love will never bring back the joy you had of connecting with your delicate sweet angel. My heart goes out to you. Every angel ever created in the act of love or any situation deserves a chanceto enjoy his or her life to the fullest. You can have the peace of mind that your darling angel never had a chance to do bad in front of GOD so he is back in the Castle looking upon you and wiping your tears. You can feel his delicate hands wipe the tears of your eyes. In good time God will give that joy back to you. Just know that now you have something to look forward to when you pas s this life. all my support to you, You have been robbed of the joy of a baby but GOD will give back to you twice the joy. Just dont have me say I TOLD YOU SO when you become pregnant with TWINs!!!!!!!!!!!!! God TAKES but he also GIVES back twice what he took!!!!!!!!! I love you as I would my sister from the bottom of my heart being a mother of 2. if ever you need a prayer let me know. I will have my whole church pray for you.

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