my babies father rather sell drugs

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      hey my name is kandace and im 16 also 7 months pregnant . my babies father was there the whole time at the begining well the first 3 months thn he startde doing his own thing he droped out of school and started to sell drugs. the police was always chasing him and his clients was always banging at my door looking for him. he started to forget all about our baby like she didnt even matter. he never came to my doctor appointments. he never asked how i was or how the baby was. he stoped coming over to see me so i broke up with him and other girls tell me im stupid for leaving him because my baby is gona need him but they dont have kids so they dont understand how much i want to protect my baby from any harm and all hes gona do is bring harm. what do you think.


        hi kandace, please do not let anyone tell you what is best for your baby, only you know that. my father was a deadbeat, my parents got married when my mother was pregnant and i’m sorry to say it was one of the worst mistakes she ever made. i grew up around drugs and alcohol. please don’t do this to your child. i would even recommend getting a restraining order for your child against him. you do not want these clients coming to your house. one of them could be really angry and hurt you all. you will also lose your child if DSS finds out there is drug involvement. your child needs you. your child has to be your number one priority and you should only be with a man who will also make your child number one. if you need to talk, email me. good luck and please keep your head up


          Listen if your babies father is selling drugs you did the right thing. You must feel terribly alone at the moment but your baby will be better off without a drug dealer/user for a dad. Trouble with the police wont be far away for him and you and your unborn baby deserve better and as for your so called friends telling you your stupid for leaving him they dont know what they are talking about I think you made a very brave decision. You and your unborn baby deserve to have a good life and you are young you dont need to rely on a man you are strong enough to do this. Please take care of your self and your baby and as for him try to put him out of your mind if he can sell drugs for a living what else is he involved with? Stay strong and I hope you will be fine and build a good life for you and your child xx. 🙂


            I want to congradulate you on having the strengh to take a stand. You put your child first and your emotions last. You are on your way to being a great mom. Do no listen to what yours friends say because they are wrong. You knew what you had to do and you did it. Yes it will be hard to raise a child by yourself but it would have been even harder to be with somone and still be on your own.


              Good for you. I myself was in a horrible relationship and my boyfriend at the time wanted to do everything including selling drugs. He threatened to beat my face in and kill us. I was finally able to escape for the welfare mainly of my daughter. She is my gift from god and love her so much. I won’t let him have anything to do with us due to he is no kind of dad. You did an outstanding remarkable job already being a mother. I want to commend you on this. It is hard for anyone to do this especially at your age.
              This may get hard, but always love your daughter and take care of both of you. My daughter is now 15 mos. today and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


                Kandace don’t let anyoen put you down becasue of what you did. You did the right thing. OYur baby should be first and foremost in oyur life. If your bofriend card he wouldn’t be bringing the drugs into your life his life or the babys life. I have a had a baby with a guy that did drugs an even though He was he love of my life and my Babys daddy I told him to either chose drugs or me and the baby and he chose drugs. So i dropped him..i miss him and love him like crazy but drugs is no suppsute for love. So don’t give up you be there for your baby and let the right guy come along.


                  [b]Hi Kandice. I just wanna say Im sorry about the father. Dont let ppl tell you what to do with your baby. Have the baby and raise her. You will find the right guy that can be the father of your baby.


                    Girl you did the right thing dont let anyone tell you different. stay up 🙂

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