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      [color=#FF0000]As the staff arrived at the clinic,
      they were taken by surprise.
      You might say they were startled.
      They could not believe their eyes.
      A prospective patient was already
      waiting at the door,
      But the staff had never seen a patient,
      quite like this before.
      The secretary’s hand shook a little,
      as she took down the information,
      And she seemed stunned when she asked,
      ‘Why do you want this termination?’
      Although it was only just a whisper,
      the reply could be distinctly heard.
      And the whole staff looked away in shame,
      as they listened to each word.
      ‘I am only a little fetus, but I know that things are really bad,
      So, if you don’t mind, I would like to
      abort my Mom and Dad.
      I heard them say, they did not know
      what they were thinking of.
      And, I know for certain,
      I was not conceived in love.
      I can barely see my little hands
      waving in the air,
      But even though I cannot focus yet,
      I still know they are there.
      I can even feel my heart beating
      with a definite rhythm,
      But, now I know there is really
      nothing I can give them.
      It isn’t really murder because,
      they are not real parents yet,
      And once you cut them away,
      they will be easy to forget.
      Money is tight these days, and
      responsibility is such a bother.
      And what would happen to my social life,
      tied down to a mother and a father?
      As for morals, it’s the 21st century:
      no one cares about our Lord.
      So, I will simply close my little eyes,
      while you just cut the cord.’ [/color]

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