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      hallow everyone

      Am 9weeks pregnant now, when i was 7weeks i got mumps but didnot miscarry till today. I just want to know if anyone had experienced mumps while she was pregnant. Am worried about birth defects n stuff. This pregnancy is my 4th and i dont get very nauseated like i did with my last 3 n it worries me if everything is okey. I read people who conduct mumps in early pregnancy will miscarry but i havenot so far but am worried if things are really going okey n if i will have a healthy baby.

      You all take care n hope this finds each one of u in the best state of health n spirit.

      take care



        well im 6 weeks pregnant and my 15 month old son has german measles, it aint the same as the mumps but the dangers to unborn babies are the same. if you have had your MMR jab then there wont be any harm to the baby as you are immune to it but if you aint had the jab then there is serious side affects to the baby. the only way to find out is when u go for your blood test for a check up at the doctors it should say on the results if u are protected or not.

        i hope everything is fine, i know what it feels like to feel scared cos i was scared when i found out about my son but my doctor reassured me im fine and im hope your baby will be healthy

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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