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      So Im 15. I fell pregnant at the age of 14. My pregnant had its ups and downs but was perfectly normal until i started bleeding at 19 weeks. I was diagnosed with Major placenta previa…that is where the placenta is under the baby and pushing down on my cervix. At 20 weeks i was told my baby would certiantly come early, but whether it would be next week or next month they didnt know.

      Just as i turnt 23 weeks i was rushed into hospital as my waters broke, i was monitored on the HRPU for the night then was discharged the next morning with strict instructions to rest. Later that day i started getting contractions so i waited until they where closer together then went back to hospital. 1.5 hours after arriving at the hospital i was already 9cm’s dialated.

      My little boy was finally here weighing 2pounds half an ounce and measuring 11.6inches long. 40 minutes after delivering baby Leo i was able to see him on the NICU, he was led there looking so fragile and weak. Wired up to oxygen. It broke my heart seeing him like that. Leo is now 4 whole days old and doing so well. Although NICU is a very tense and upsetting atmosphere seeing my baby boy get stronger is amazing. We’ve already witnessed the good and bad moments people go through on this ward, and i hope we have no bad ones, only good. He is now weighing 2pounds 1ounce so that is amazing, he’s already getting better!

      Anyone else a mum to a preemie in NICU or has anyone had a premature child? Would be nice to have some support from those who know how tough this is.


        I found this really nice website that has a blog section for Mom’s of preemies..hopefully it will help you out:


          Sorry about your baby boy’s premature birth, its a hard and emotional experience to go through, but what brilliant news that he is gaining weight, and for a preemie at 23 weeks to have no complications other than being on a vent is incredible.

          My twins were born premature, but not extremely, and they only had to spend a few days in the NICU, but I understand what a tense time it is and how hard it can be not being able to hold your baby. Stick through it, it seems like your little boy is doing well! I wish you all the best of luck


            Yea, im stunned at how well he is doing. Im so incredibly proud to be his mumma. But spending part of each day in NICU is so stressful.


              praying for peace in your heart and strength for your baby. You should definitely be a proud mama!

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