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      Hey girls! I used to come on this site a lot more often when I was still so traumatized by the abortion of my little girl. Do not get me wrong,there isn’t a day where I don’t think about her, but it has gotten a little easier. Since my abortion, I lost my bestfriend due to drugs. I stopped using drugs, stopped drinking, stopped partying with all my old friends. And now I am pregnant once again! I am getting more excited by the minute, but Im also rightfully terrified. I dont have a job, the father has one, but its not the best. To top it all off, everyday my mother asks if I want to go make an appt. at the abortion clinic. I have already made up my mind, that I am keeping this child full term. Not sure if I am going to keep her(i think its a little girl again :D)or put her up for adoption. But I know for a fact I will NOT abort an innocent little baby ever again. My mental stability counts on keeping this baby, and my mother does not seem to understand that. She offers to pay for it, to pay for full anesthesia.(I had my first AND ONLY abortion with only local anesthesia last time.)I get threatened everyday that if I do not get an abortion she will never speak to me or her first grandchild again.
      I was wondering if you gals have had any experience with pushy mothers, and if they changed their mind once they saw the little baby.


        I’m so sorry to hear about your abortion; the hurt of that can never really go away but I’m also happy you are finding it easier now 🙂 And congrats on the new baby!! Pressure from friends/family is one of the biggest reasons why girls get abortions; I know it’s hard that your mother isn’t supportive but this little girl is YOUR baby, and you are so fortunate to have her. Don’t let anyone change your mind. I’ve never been through what you are going through but I have heard stories where the girl’s mother changed her mind after she saw the baby. And don’t be afraid if you think adoption might be the right road; two of my cousins were adopted and they are the sweetest and most beautiful little girls I’ve ever met!! I honestly can’t imagine my life without them. Anyway, I hope this helps, and feel free to contact me if you need a friend 🙂 Take care and all the best!


          imsorry to hear about your mom, but i am sure once she will hold the baby she will feel better. or maybe ivite her to your next ultrasound appointemnt? i know my mum wasnt really happy when i told her that i was pregnant, but once she saw my girls moving around she way crying tears of joy and happines.

          now to the financial situation, can you get a job? in a abr, in a shop, anywhere, any amout of money will be helpul, so that you wont need to worry about all the baby stuff you will need, and also so you will be able to focus just on the baby in the first few weeks when he / she is born.

          you go to school? KEEP ON GOING. if not, go back and try to do as many credits as you can. make somethin out of yourself so that your baby will be super proud on you.

          it may sound hard BUT YOU CAN DO IT. so many of us did it, you can too!


            asking my mother to come to an ultrasound appt. is like asking her to cut off one of her toes. i tried showing her the pictures from my first ultrasound, and she told me she does not want to be seeing any “love child blobs.” getting my mother on my team, i have realized, is a loss cause.
            and im trying to only think in options of adoption. i do not think i am strong enough to care for a baby, nor do i think my mind is stable enough to take care of someone other than myself. i already have a hard enough time with that.
            but for now, i am loving this little bump and feeding it with the best food possible.
            trying to stay postie, advice from birth mothers would be so appreciated!


              If you are not stable enough to have a baby, PLEASE look into adoption. Sometimes you just have to face the reality of things.


                My husband and I are looking into adoption. As a couple who can’t have anymore children, we understand the need of wanting a baby so bad. But if its not in the cards for u to raise this baby right now, then do not abort it, give it up for adoption instead. And if you feel ready to take on the huge responsibility of taking care of a child, then go for it and don’t listen to what your mom has to say! I can guarantee once she sees that baby in person, she’ll fall in love with it immediately. Its her grand baby…and if not, well then you just started YOUR family! Good luck and God Bless!!



                  Hippielove, how are you doing? I am very glad that you are determined to love & care for your baby through this pregnancy. Have you been getting good rest & taking pre-natal vitamins? Do you have friends who support you? Are you still considering adoption? Have you met with perspective adoptive couples yet? Did you find any that you think would make a good mommy & daddy for your son or daughter?

                  It’s very important, Hippielove, that you begin to look at your life from God’s perspective. He is the One who designed, created, sustains & rules over you. He has given us His commandments & we are to live by them all of our lives. Do you have a Bible? If you don’t, I would like to send you one. Sexual sin is very serious to God. He requires that we wait until we are covenanted in marriage to be sexually intimate. He calls us to repent (turn from all the ways in which we have disobeyed Him & sinned) & cry out to Jesus for mercy & forgiveness. That is the message of the gospel & the only way of salvation. Hope to hear from you soon.

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