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      I am just wondering who can answer a few simple questions I have. What am I to expect when I go into labor? Will it be a long drawn out thing, or will it be quick? I’m also not quite sure what to expect when I’m bringing them home and getting them settled down. These are my first kids, and maybe my last(after all, I think three is plenty. Maybe, maybe not), and I don’t know the first thing about how to care for newborns. I don’t know, I’m confused, and to top it off, my hormones are on the complete fritz. I’m a wreck, I just do alot of worrying these days, now that the due date clock is starting to wind down. Does anyone have any advice for me? :ohmy:


        Hey hunny, I’m not sure how things are routinely done in Russia, but in Canada it’s routine to have a scheduled c-section for multiples. You could probably ask your doctor for one if that’s what you want to do though. That may be the easier choice, although the recovery from a c-section is longer and you’ll be more uncomfortable. It’s worth looking into though.

        What to expect is basically no sleep. It’s going to be exausting, that’s a guarentee; especially with triplets. Most hospitals will give you the basics on care ie; changing, fedding, burping, bathing. And you can also find prenatal classes tat will help you with stuff like that too. There will be some stuff that comes naturally though, from your maternal instincts.

        There’s also a whole array of literature on baby care and what to expect. Another thing, is you’re going to want to establish a routine as soon as possible once you get them home. For te first few weeks, it’ll be impossible because you’ll be recovering and you and the babies will be adjusting to life as a family. But as you get used to it, start to think about getting them into a routine and a schedule. Tat’s will probably be a major life saver with multiples.

        Above all else, I am sure you will be a fantastic mother to the girls. Good luck hunn! 🙂


          Thank you. I’m not quite sure about the c-section, I never could stomach the thought of being cut open on a tsble. And, to be brutally honest, our doctors here are horrible. It would be close to a death sentence, for me or the kids or both. Even if they get the specialist, she’s still be hindered by the other doctors, who will most likely be hammered or stoned or both. Tragic, but true. If I have no other choice, I will take it, but as a last resort. That’s why I’m going to be a doctor, so that a routine surgery isn’t a worrying experience. The specialist does say I have the build for natural birth, but after the first two we would have to be careful. She says if the final baby is big, I may rip. Ouch. Which is fixable, but I would only trust the specialist.

          Thanks for the rest, though. I apperciate the advice. It will be a long, tough road, but we’ll do it. Salem doesn’t sleep much anyway: his post-traumatic-stress-disorder has basically made him a chronic insommniac. He sleeps a few hours with me, but normally works late(thank God he works at home). Off the start, when I’m recovering, that will be an immense help, but later on we’ll go up evenly. If we do need some rest badly, Veronica could help, but I’m trying not to rely on her. It wouldn’t be fair to a ten-year-old kid, a fresh amputee at that(then again, that hasn’t even slowed her down).

          Also, I’m going to hit up the library in town and see what they have. Thanks for the idea, I hadn’t thought of that(blonde moment lol). It should have quite a few reference materials. I think I have a membership there, but I haven’t been there in years. Thank you, you’ve really been a great help!!!!


            There are a lot of website resources that are helpful aswell; or were great for me. Delivery of multiples vaginally can be wickedly complicated, that’s why it’s routine here to do a c-section to not risk the health of mother and babies. Best of luck though! 🙂

            A few book titles that come to mind are What to Expect When You’re Expecting and What to Expect the First Year. There’s also one called The Baby Owner’s Manual, and that’s helpful with the first year of care. There’s also one that covers pregnancy through age 2, but I can’t recall the title exactly. I think it’s The Ultimate Baby Book, or something to that effect. I’ll look it up and get back to you with it if you’re interested though. 🙂


              Sure, I’m interested. Thanks for the help, really. The specialist says that I should be able to do well, it’s just the recovery will be very long. I’m willing to wait, after all, it’s small game compared to the joy of having my girls here. But now I am considering a c-section, after Salem talked to the specialist and asked if there were other professional doctors that could be flown in. There are. One’s a specialist from London, the other is all the way from Hawaii. Given the hospital’s interest in how this goes(after all, I am the youngest one in the area to have this many babies at once), and the fact that Salem’s foster parent’s money that he “liberated” talks loud and clear, I think it might be possible to actually get one. I would much rather have them naturally, but the word complication scares me. I don’t want to end up like Viktoria’s boyfriend’s old flame: bleeding out internally while the doctors are unable to do anything. And if that happened to me, that would destroy Salem. Especially if the tragic second part happened…..but I want to stay positive. The specialist says the girls are very strong(and big, too. I’ve past the point of people guessign one baby. Most correctly guess three.) and will have no problems. Hopefully.


                This caught my eye, because I was wondering the same thing years ago when I was expecting my twin boys. I delivered by C-Section, just because that was the safest for my situation. I think triplets are a whole different thing to twins but I wish you the best of luck anyway!

                What I can say is that having a routine when you first bring the babies home will make your life a whole lot easier. Routines seem to be the only way to function with multiples, so if you have one devised for feeding and sleep patterns you might actually find you get some sleep yourself!

                Hope everything goes really well for you and your three girls,


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