Mucus Plug?

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      I’m 29.4 weeks pregnant and i’m pretty sure I am starting to lose my mucus plug. I’m not sure if thats really bad or what? If anyone can give me some advice it would be great.


        I lost my mucus plug with my second child around 36 weeks, sometimes you can lose it and it will reform, I would call your doctor since you are only at 29-30 weeks, I would lay low, avoid lifting anything over 5 lbs and no baths until you have seen your doctor and been advised different…you do need to make the call though, if you have lost your plug but your cervix is clamped shut and not dilated then chances are you have a while before you need to worry, if you are dilating then you may have some issues and need to be on strict bed rest, because I am not a doctor this comes just from general knowledge and info I have gleaned from having 3 kids….please call in and be sure to get checked out!! Keep your hospital bag packed just in case…let us all know what happens…Love Meg


          Alright thanks. I’ll call my doctor in the morning. I almost went to the hospital over it last night but then I thought maybe I am just over reacting. I woke my husband up and he got scared but when we looked it up it said I could just be losing parts of it. So I have been trying not to worry.


            Sometimes its not even your mucus plug. It may be just your discharge. I’m 28 weeks along and experience all crazy stuff too. I would say dont worry about it but if you do just call your doc. to be sure and good luck.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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