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      Ok, i know morning sickness is normal, but what i seem to have is beyond that. I am so sick all the time, literally…. I am ok for about two hours in the afternoon, but i mean just ok. I still dont feel good enough to do my hair or put myself together even. Im about 8 weeks and 3 days. I also have a heart condition so getting dehydrated can be very bad for my heart cuz it will cause it to beat harder and faster which can further damage my heart muscle. I go to the dr on monday, but it just seems so far away being how sick i am. its horrible. i get dizzy, sick, chills, sweating, throw up. Nothing is appealing, and the only thing i can keep down a little is some water with lemon and bread. Anyone have any ideas on what can help me, or any experience, anything? I am so desperate.


        try eating crakers and drinking juice, one problem with morning sickness is that it happens when ur blood sugar levels get too low so u get sick, wich makes it hard to eat when ur sick so it just gets worse….so try eating little things alot..alos my friend who was kind like u swears by ‘preggie pops’…but dont forget to talk to u doc about it he/she may b able to help…..


          :laugh: Thanks weber, I have to say you do know what your talking about. After I wrote this last week I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Hypermesis…. and you’re 100% right, my blood sugar was really low, which in turn, made me more sick. Its like a vicious cycle. I heard of the preggie pops and heard they are great… do you know where to get them? Needless to say I was in ICU for 5 days, but once I was hydrated and able to eat some food, along with the help of Zofran, I am finaly feeling quite a bit better, not perfect, but at least I xcan get through my day. Thanks again!!!!!!


            well there is a website u can get them on just go to google and surch them


              did u have cramping with that and i think i have it to i puke 10 times a day


                my morning sickness is terribly one day and not so bad the next,i find eating a chocolate muffin really helps me,dont know why but dairy products make me puke!try havin some dry toast brought up to you in bed about 20mins before you get out of bed xxx


                  My morning sickness was terrible also i lived off of crackers,water and pepsi(wich is not good) but it was the only thing that worked i could also eat toast with butter cinnamon and sugar on it but i could only eat 1 piece and it had to be in the morning and then at lunch again i couldnt eat in between…if the water and bread and w/e else is working for you..just keep up with that..mabey try a different thing everyday…as long as you can keep yourself hydrahted you will be fine:)…


                    Hey guys thanks for all your reply’s I have used all your info and believe me all of it helps. I swear, I am so very desperate at times, lol.

                    I am almost 10 weeks now, so its getting better, and thank GOD!

                    Kayla…. I did have cramping… but… that’s pretty normal along as it’s not excrusiating and not accompanied by bleeding, I think that is more due to your uterus stretching, BUT…. whatever you do, do not let it go…. if you even think you have it… get help! Im so serious cuz you dont want to end up like me in the hospital for 5 days, I still felt like crap when I got out and stronger than most is 100% right, as well as weber, the thing is you have to keep yourself as hydrated as you can, cuz now, with the help of Zofran and being hydrated, it is somewhat bareable… when I was very dehydrated, it was pure hell, and I am by no means exagerating… the more you just let it go, the worse it gets.. hit me up if you want I found a lot of good web-sites with info on it. Puking 10x is not normal…. you will get dehydrated. Talk to your OB asap, I dont want anyone to suffer like i did… well… maybe my baby’s daddy, lol, but that is another story!

                    Thanks guys so so so much again, u all helped me soooooo much!

                    I ordered the preggie-pops too!~


                      lol…ur welcome! i reasearch lots of stuff, and i have take many child care/development and pregnancy classes for school along with having my own baby so i do have some knowledge that is helpful!….like kala said u can google them,or u can find them at any motherhood maternity store….


                        hey thanks girl i appricate it ttyl and what is your name


                          you can go to babys R us and get the lolipops there

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