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      I have a 19 month old girl and I am, in theory, 28 weeks pregnant. Based off of my lmp I am 30. When I was 11 weeks and we found out, because I wasn’t sure of how far along I was, my doc did an ultrasound to measure and came up with 11 weeks, not 13.

      Now my dilema is that I feel more like 30+ weeks. The aches and pains I had in the 30-35 week range with my first daughter I am having now. I went through hip seperation at 25 weeks. I already have massive pelvic floor pressure and started having braxton hicks contractions at 23 weeks. Also, I measure big. At 23 weeks, I measured 25. At 27, I measured 31. My doc is waiting for my next appointment and if I am measuring big again she is going to do another US to make sure that we’re still looking at 8.3.07.

      I realize every pregnancy is different but I figured things would be at least midly congruent. How did your experience with your second pregnancy differ from your first.


        My pregnancies were night and day!!!! I also had a girl then a boy so I dont know if that makes a difference….I htink as long as you are healthy and that your doctor is taking precautions to monitor your early contractions that you will be fine…..I dont think a 2 week difference in due dates makes a whole lot of difference unless you are really going into pre term labor…..from the sounds of it you have a great doctor and you have had a baby so you know roughly what to expect……if this baby is larger than the last it could explain having more pain than last time…..just hang in there…you are getting closer to meeting your little girl every day and I will be praying that she stays put untill her little body is fully developed and that the rest of your pregnancy and then labor and delivery will go well….Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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