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      i found out i was pregnant exactly 4 months ago as i mean like 4 days from being 20 weeks(5 months). ive only put on 7 pounds but the baby is fine my doctor nor the girl who did my ultrasound say i had anything to be worried about.. well anyways im 15 as is my ex. we both lost our virginities together,but everyone told me hes only in it for one thing asnd thats all he ever tries.. he isnt exactly.. the most attractive person in the world so .. im the first person who has really given him a shot i mean i thought he was good looking until i totally got his personality. i went to the doctor with my mom because i thought i felt a lump in my left breast as i was in with my family doctor my mom was waiting in the waiting room, the doctor told me that my breast were really full so she took me in the bathroom i did a pregnancy test i went back into the room she came in about 3 or 4 mintues after and told me yesi was pregnant she said i was about maybe 4 weeks… i was soooo scared my mom and stepdad are huge chrisitans. they grounded my sister when she was 15 cause she pecked a boy. anyways we both told our moms,well hes in foster care so.. his uhm foster mom his parents took it well.. my mom flipped started swearing and bawling then cooled down,my stepdad took it extremely well but i dont think it actually sunk in for him. so i was talking to my bf on the phone and my stepdad asked who i was talking to and i told him and then he flipped told me i was never allowed to speak or to see him again.. but i did anyways on a saturday night, and my stepdad was sitting in the bathroom listening to me and flipped out.. anbd from then on in he went like crazy.. he wanted the school to put a restrainging order on him.. but of course thats completely stupid so they didnt, but anywys my bf kept pushing me to see him and if i coudlnt he would get mad and everything.. i saw him anyways and all he thought about was sex.. now my parents and his are completely upsessed with me giving the baby up for adoption and now i’ve told all of them im not, anyways when i told my real dad he was sad but hes always been easy going,i’ve lived witrh him all my life when my mom left me and my sister(shes 18) to go do some stupid stuff with my now stepdad. me and my dad really struggled he was super invovled with drugs and partying but always was a good and loving father. my sister mopved with my mom and stepdad when she was 12 and i choose to stay with my father. but well the time came when i was about 13 and i decided i would be better off living in a now good and stable home with my mom and stepdad.i went to a chrisitan school last year and decided i was mature enough to go to a public school because well when i was living with my dad thats the schools we went too and they were fine.. i met oscar in my socials class and thats where it started but anywyas i’ve met a lot of amazing people this year and now oscar is turning around calling me names making up things and telling me over and over he doesnt want the kid.. my parents said if i keep the baby there kicking me out.. which doesnt sound to chrisitan to me but w.e anyways the point is im keeping the baby and im determined to make this babies life a positive thing because so far this little angel has changed mine, stopped me out of drugs and going further down a road that would of gone further. i own this child everything, but.. im stuck.. i dont know what to do anymore my stepdad and mom wont let me talk to my ex bf which is good but now they wont let me go back to the same school.. im so confused i just want to keep my baby.. is there anyone with advice..?? sorry its long..:S


        Holy Cow girl! I understand everything you’re saying! My advice to you is to stand your ground! Don’t do anything you don’t wanna do! I recently miscarried a couple weeks ago! I was 5 months pregnant and having a baby boy! My parents told me that they’d throw me out if I kept the baby! I never thought they’d do it, but I decided to look for places to live anyways! I knew that once they saw my baby they’d change their minds! I mean they were going to be grandparents! Your ex boyfriend sounds a lot like mine! He was the exact same way, he spread so many rumors about me at school telling people that I was a slut and that it wasn’t even his baby! Finally after all the stress of trying to talk to him, I realized that it was just way too much work trying to get him to help and take any responsibilty! So I just let him go, that was the last time I ever talked to him! He still thinks that i’m pregnant as of now and he know that it was his baby! Are your friends supportive of your desicion to keep the baby? Mine weren’t, they all wanted me to abort it! You just have to stay strong, it sounds like you know what you want, you just have to stick with it! Don’t let anyone tell you what to do when it comes to your child, especially if you don’t have a good feeling about it! Good Luck! If you ever need to talk i’m here!


          Thats final! You want to keep your baby so keep it.You have made a good choice. When your parents see that little baby i think they will change. Alot of parents are like that. I hope all goes well for you hun.


            your mom and step dad probebly never thought they would be in this situation and are pulling solutions out in extreams at the momment. most parents eventualy come around. If there is a way you could go to school and avoid sharing classes and maybe the same lunch period(some schools do that) as you they might change their minds. Hang in there and try to keep your chin up. Try to keep in touch with friends as you need more support then your parents can give to you right now. Remember that they are going through this with you and they have an idea of how hard its going to be they are scared for you and your future. Do your best for you and your little one talk to someone. Alot of communities have programes that will not only teach you how to have a health baby and how to do the simple tasks they will also go the extra mile to see that you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy. pull all of your resources, youll be amazed at the stress it can lift off your shoulders when you start moving forward:)


              Is moving back in with your dad an option?

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