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      Question: i am on levlen ed and have also been on antibiotics i have missed 2 pills in the 1st week and a pill here and there over the next week all up i have missed 10 pills. Also if i count backwards from the time my period is due i did have unprotected sex with my fiance around the 6th day of the pil and the 12th,14th and the 17th with no extra backup.
      Now my period is due in 4 days and i do kinda have the period symptons but only first thing in the morning.. this time i dont have sore breasts and i always get that.i have noticed i am feeling very exhausted last week or so and a sore lower back..are the chances high that i have fallen preg and if so would i get a period still??i took a preg test 6 days ago and it was neg but im assumin it was to early to tell?? i stopped the pill 4 days early as i am worried i am pregnant and have not had any bleeding.
      thank you:)


        heya, ye it is to early to tell wether you are pregnant yet. you could b pregnant though becuase you have missed so many of your pills. when you are on auntibiotics, your pill doesn’t work anyway. do you want to b pregnant?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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