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      My LMP was April 3. I have taken several pregnancy test that have came back negative. So far it has been over 5 weeks and i still havent had a period. Ive been so sick. Could I be pregnant or is it something serious… I always have regular periods. Please Help!!


        when was the last pregnancy test u took??


          sickness could have something to do with u missing your period, if your iron levels are low, you can miss a period, if you are stressed, you can miss a period, alot of things can cause you to miss your period besides pregnancy. If you are that late, go to the doctor, so you know whats wrong. At 5 weeks late, a positive pregnancy test would have shown up. So get checked


            I have the same problem as you. Except my missed period hasnt been 5 weeks, I usually get mine on the 6th-9th days and im always regular. Well i still havent gotten mine, ive been feeling sick, my boobs hurts, and so on. But ive taken 3 tests and they have all come back negative. Have you found out what to do, cuz id like to know too.


              Are you going through a difficult or stressful season in life???? Have your eating habbitts dramatically changed????? Have you been checked for any STD’s???? Has your period ever been this late (since you said you have irregular periods)???? If you have already taken theese things into account then you should go to your doctor and get a blood test….I hope you find out what is going on soon….Let us know…..Meg

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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