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      Guys I was pregnant like I told you. But i lost the baby due to getting kicked in the stomach. I am so upset right now. Id thought Id tell you guys that thank you for supporting me.


        i was just curious how many months were you? cause i want to know if it’s still possible at 4-5 months.


          🙁 im so sorry that happened to you.i couldn’t imagine tha pain u must feel. i just wanna kno who kicked u b/c its a crime to hit a pregnant woman. it’s agrivated assult and you can press charges. i hope ur ok and nothing like this ever happens to u (or anyone else) again, and i hope that u will feel better. i know u will never fully recover from this loss, but i kno that u will pull through. i also kno that ur baby is with God and u will see him or her again someday.
          ~Love Always~
          Niquole(Nicole)aka: brownsugarbaby


            I am so sorry to hear that. How far along was you? Are you going to press charges on this individual


              It was an accident my lil cuz accidentally kicked me she didnt mean to. But it wasnt that that caused it i was sure it was but it wasnt but what caused it was my other cuz and her bro were messin around and she pushed him and he fell on top of me i was too frozen to react im tiny for my age so its easy to crush me i know it was an accident but i cant help being mad at them. Im not sure how long i was my guess was 6 weeks if not smaller.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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