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      Okay here is one for you. I sometimes have irregular periods(but not lately)my last menstral was Oct. 8 i have not come on in Nov. im not vomitting but im nauseous, i have some cramping and a full feeling all the time, frequent urination tingling and tender nipples and i am extremely tired but i have taken 2 home pregnancy test and they were both negative. but everyone around me is pregnant (5 of my closest friends) could this all be in head?


        it COULD be, like u say, in ur head. espescially if everyone around u is preg…but then again. the best thing to do is if ur next period doesn’t come, or before if signs become more obvious, take another test. or go dr’s now if u would rather now for def sooner rather than later. xx


          It could definitely be psychosomatic, especially if you’re no stranger to missed periods. You’ve heard of womens menstrual periods coming at the same time when they’re around each other often, perhaps it’s something similar!

          Have you discussed with your doctor about your missed cycles? You definitely should to make sure every thing is okay.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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