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      :blink: So I really wasn’t thinking straight this month. Ive been having unprotected sex with my BF all this month. No birth control nothing because Im an idiot. I just didnt think itd happen. Then this week I started having wierd tingly feelings in my boobs and they were kinda sore. Plus Im exhausted all the time. So I started thinking maybe. Im not really sure when my last period was. It ended near the beginning of this month, maybe the end of last month. Now Im just giving it another week before I go get a test. Its driving me nuts. the week or so I was most fertile we had sex like twice every day. I really feel all sorts of stupid. Are the chances really high that I am pregnant? I just need some support and advice while Im waiting.


        Chances are really high. And dont beat yourself up calling yourself stupid will only lead to depression. Sure maybe you didnt make the best choices ( I know I havent in the past ) but it doesnt mean that you cant start fresh tomorrow even if you are pregnant. Embrace the consequences with the motivation to make new and better choices 🙂 Thats what I did only it took me two kids from two dads to decide to make the choice to wait until marriage. Well I have been married now for 4 months and we waited untill our wedding night to have sex for the first time……I never thought that I would be able to say that so I hope that you will be able to take encouragement from this note and start fresh in the morning (whether you are pregnant or not) If you need to talk or have more questions you should visit my profile and leave me a note…..ps. take a test soon.


          think the hardest thing you can do is wait…is there any possiblilty that the tingling boobs and other symptoms could be the onset of your period?


            I always hated having to wait to take a test so I understand what you are talking about….. You can very will be pregnant, it only take’s one time soo maybe staying away from drinking till you get a test or see a doctor. Try not to think about, stressing about may make you miss your period even if your not pregnant… Relax, and good luck!!!


              Hey, I’m in similar boat. I was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend the past month and now I’m 3+ weeks late. Several urine tests showed up negative, but since I’m never late I went today for a blood test (should know on Friday). Don’t beat yourself up over it, stress could delay your period! I know that’s hard to do, trust me. For starters, start using condoms. Take a test next week, and if it’s negative, wait about another week or two. If still negative, and you’re still worried, go for a blood test. Something I learned here was that urine tests aren’t always correct. Hope that helped some! Good luck!


                I did pretty much the same thing, knowing very well I wasn’t being smart about birth control. I just didn’t think it could happen to me because I had only missed a few days of my birth control pills. Well it did happen to me. I still got a light "period" though. So def. still take a test if you bleed!! I got a 2 pack of those tests you can take before you even start your period (About 5 days or so before) The first one was neg. so I waited a few more days but the next one was positive. I would reccommend going that route.

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