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      Well I may be pregnant. The thing is my husband and I are seprarted, it is his baby if I am pregnant. We had sex the 2nd of this month(march) and on the 11th I spotted for a day or two. I have been very tired lately. I have told my husband that I might be pregnant and he said that there is no way it would keep us together. But he does want to be in the babies life, and that he would pay child support if I am pregnant. But the problem is I am 21 and I just started my first job ever on the 23rd. And I am living with my grandmother and my job is not working out how I thought it would. I am broke beyond beliefe there is no way I would be able to support me and a baby. I am not even going to make $700 a month and I have no health insurance. What am I to do? Is there anywhere I could go for a free or very cheap pregnancy test or what not? I am south of Houston, Tx. I could also use some friends, I don’t have many really. Anybody else from the houston area please contact

      Amanda/Phoenix :S

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