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      Hi, my due date is Labor day, but I went in today and the dr. said that the baby was “humongous” he’s a funny guy, so I just thought he was joking, becuase he didn’t say anything else. But, my mom works at the hospital and sees him sometimes, and he told her that it was really big and that he wanted to do an ultrasound. ( which makes me mad that he’s talking about it with anyone, even if it is my mom, I’m an adult(23) and can handle an adult conversation) this is the first time I’ve heard anything about it. I’ve been growing normally, at the best to my knowledge, throughout the pregnancy. I don’t have gestational diabetes, and although I was a little “thick” when I concieved I was not obese, and have gained on the higher end of the normal weight gain charts. Although I don’t eat perfectly, I do try to keep an eye on it. Is this normal? has anyone had this? my mother swears it’s becuase of my diet, and that I’m somehow being “abusive” by eating my way to complications. I keep trying to tell her that there are other reasons for this, but she won’t have it. I have a feeling that my due date was off, but I can’t be sure. any advice? my next appointment is the end of next week.


        Don’t worry nothing is wrong and your probaly right your due date was probaly off..its normal for babys to get a little bigger towards the end and some get bigger than others because well your just doing a damn good job at feeding that little one:P it has nothing to do with your eating habits(unless your constantly eating wich pretty sure your not lol) and even if you were if your eating healthy sumwhat then theres no problems you are just going to have a big baby and usually when doctors predict baby to be big there somwhat wrong your baby will be perfect and healthy expeacially if its got an extra pound on it the baby will probaly lose it after birth anyways.

        princess Angela

          When i was pregnant with my son i was also a little larger then most girls and i measured normally right threw out my whole pregnancy and my baby ended up being a big baby he was 9 pound 1 which was 4.1kilos he was a healthy baby and was tiny as …. he was also long 54cms …. Dont worry about it i had an extra ultrasound in my pregnancy as well to see if they could induce early so bub didnt get to big but was not possible and i had a ceaser which i was preferctly fine with as long as ur bub comes into the world healthy there is nothing to worry about… speak to ur doc and why he is telling other ppl about ur pregnancy …
          Hope this helps u

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