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      hey, well i got r few issues…my bf and i love eachother alot, but i dont kno wat to do anymore 🙁 his making me go crazy:( he acts so immature like back chatting as if his 5!! n wen ppl jus keep going n going u end up breaking dwn.this is the point where i get to everyday!!! also awhile bak we were discussing his mates wedding,i cracked it at my bf cos i find it disrespectful that they kno we r r cuple n dey r puttin him wit dis other not jelous im nt in it or anything ive always thought u wud put cuple sin a wedding,thats how i wud bak then my bf sed he wont do it.jus today his mate called him goin on about the wedding and my bf jus went on like it was all cool. my bf and dis chik had r thing for eachother years bak,nufin happened between em bt i still feel uncompfortable knowing my bf is gona be eating wit her, drinking wit her, having photos wit her,dancing wit her ect…i have told him if he wants all that im not going. i mite b pregnant and he keeps stressing me out,i cant handle it n i dont kno wat to say to him.could anyone help im so tired of crying everyday…i also lost my virginity to him so it makes it real hard to get up n leave


        Well I can relate to you in many ways….I know how hard it is to leave someone when you are physically and emotionally attached…that is why we are supposed to wait until marriage to have a physical relationship….I know people who have been in a wedding party that were paired up with someone they were not with….sure they have to walk down the aisle together and take pictures together and maybe the bride and groom want them to sit together just for looks at the head table…but…your boyfriend doesn’t have to dance with her and treat her like his date…if he does then that is his choice not anyone elses fault…if you think you might be pregnant then take a test and quit having sex with him….he doesn’t deserve you….. if he really loves you and he knows that being so involved with this other girl that he has history with upsets you then he should talk with his friend and see if he can walk with a different bridesmaid of if you can sit with him at the head table or just find someway to compromise to make everyone happy…my encouragement to you would be to stop having sex….you see how hard it is to leave him because you lost your virginity to him but when you finally do and end up with a different guy it will just turn into a very difficult cycle to break…I would know because I was trapped in that cycle for 10 years and had two kids from two dads before I made the choice to remain abstinent until marriage….Stand Up and quit letting him take advantage of your body and emotions…..don’t settle for less than God’s best for you….let us all know when you find out if you are pregnant and remember that you have love and support here on Stand Up Girl…you don’t need and immature little boy playing games with your heart…you are too precious for that…..Love and Prayers…Meg


          thank you so much for your kind words and advice…im still really upset and even tho we live together im being very distant with him.i told him its betta that i go bak living wit my mum n now he is mopeing around.there isnt anything else i can do and now i dnt think he loves me cos if he did he wud put me so confused and angry…i bought a test of ebay cos im not guna buy 1 from d chemist on my own,so wen i find out ill let you kno…daniella

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