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      Can somebody help me figure out if I have symptoms of being pregnant?

      I stopped taking my pills halfway between the reminder week. My husband and I had sex the next week and a few more times since then. About 5 or so days after that first time, I started having an upset stomach almost all day, every day. My nipples were sore, also. I’ve been running to the bathroom about every 45 minutes (or less) needing to pee. Certain smells have been stronger than usual and some foods that I once could eat at every meal no longer appeal to me. I don’t even eat chocolate as much as I used to (I’m a major chocoholic, too!). I took a test 2 weeks before my next period and it was negative. I thought it was just because it was too early. I should start my period either today or within a few days. Should I take another test now or just wait? I have an appointment at a women’s clinic next week whether I am or not.

      Are these symptoms?



        Yes, those sound like many of the early pregnancy symptoms I experienced…sore breasts, having to pee all the time, stronger smells, repulsion to food. You could take a test now or perhaps you should just have your gynocologist do a test when you go in for your appointment next week if your period hasn’t started yet. Best wishes.



          UPDATE: My period came a few days late. I’m still confused as to why I was feeling like that, but I guess I’ll ask about that at my appointment this week. My husband and I are still trying to have a baby. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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