Maybe a baby?

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      Hi! I’m Lily, I am (almost) 14 years old, and I think I might be pregnant.

      I’m one of those girls who people would pass in the street and say to my mother "It’s so refreshing to see such a dedicated young girl these days." (Most of the time I think it’s just because I happen to enjoy reading and have my nose buried in my latest book.) I’m the kind of girl that teachers adore and parents talk about as an example when reprimanding their kids. The kind that people always expected a lot out of.

      And yet… I’m still the one who snuck her boyfriend in and out of the house on several occasions, never used a condom, and is probably by now, as Juno would say, "fo shizz up the spout".

      I cringe when I think of what people will say when I tell them, of the looks people will give me as I walk down the street with a 7-month pregnant belly. And what my parents will say when I tell them! I can’t even imagine. (See, my dad has a really bad temper problem. He once saw a boy braiding my hair, and he lost it. :unsure: )

      Anyway, I came here to find girls like me who will understand what I’m going through. Hopefully I’ll make it through this

      a) alive,
      b) with some new good friends.



        so you think you might be pregnant? well you should test yourself before you go over the edge with stress lol. but if you are just keep your options open. If you keep it dont worry what other people think. People can be cruel and hurtful but it means nothing that child will make up for it. Remember people can think whatever they want about you but that child will look up to you and love you unconditionally.
        im 19 and have rude comments and dirty looks coming at me but i ignore it.
        Juno was young when she got pregnant in the movie but she dealt with it. and for that shes a role model for girls like us and just dont worry so much about what other people think. its not a big deal.
        i hope it all works out for you and keep posted on ur situation! haha i a good listener good luck!!


          no need for a test!

          i’m not pregnant; i just got my period yesterday.

          yeah, i guess i shouldn’t care so much what other people think, and so that’s my newest goal in self-help. (:

          … to tell the truth, i’m a little disappointed that i’m not pregnant. i was kind of hoping… but anyway, i guess i should be happy i’m not.

          i’ll still be here though to talk to everyone and maybe live the dream through you guys. lol:P

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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