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      So, I havent missed my period, and i took a pregnancy test when i first expected and it was negative [/i]


      [i]I have been eating a lot more, having cravings for foods i never really cared for, swollen breasts, tired, emotional, nausea w/out vomiting, HEADACHES!! and others…

      what do you think?[/i] :unsure:


        Hey. My friend just found out she is pregnant, and I’m one of the only one who knows. I’ve been doing alot of research and…yeah, it sounds like your pregnant. In the first month or two of pregnancy, tests can be wrong, and from your symptoms, it sounds like the test was wrong. I suggest you go to the doctor to get a more acurate test, don’t wait. Hope things work out for you.


          well my sister in law took 5 tests in one week, and they were negetive. the next week she took three more, they then had very faint lines and eventually became positive, your hcg hormone almost double every 24-48 hours, so time can tell….good luck!!!


            Coming from a mother of four.I did this as well. If you haven’t missed your period yet then that means it is to early to tell. You are suppost to take your test after your missed period. but yes you can be pregnant and just tested to early.


              I would suggest taking another test, but first thing in the morning. My friend’s OB told her that the HCG is most concentrated in the urine in the very first pee of the day.

              Good luck.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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