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      The guy im ‘seeing’ and i are no longer together, we havent been since the very end of january, early february…

      I know that its extremely unlikely, what im thinking, but heres the problem…its the only thing that makes sense.

      I started my period February 29th. I dont have a regular cycle, i can normally expect it at the end of any month, but i dont have a set date, and it can somtimes be as much as a week, almost 2 weeks, apart date wise each month.

      As gross as it may be to some of you, i have to put it out there to get the answer i need….i think i got pregnant while on my period. after the first time or two, my period actually stopped completely. it came back the next day, but it was not heavy, it wasnt even a flow, it was brown discharge essentially…so it was really only there when i wiped.

      on the 4th i had…what i thought..was the stomach flu of some sort. I was sick, i only puked 3 times, (which for me IS extremely less than the flu normally has me do..normally im puking like every half hour at least with that) but i was extremely nauseated the entire day, close to puking constantly. i woke up the next day feeling a little better, not so close to puking, but nauseated still…eating constant small things and drinking stuff slowly has seemed to help….here i am on the 7th, and i feel like im in the middle of a hot flash. I’ll just feel my body temp rise and about pass out. Im still sick, and early this morning i about puked again but i stopped myself…by sipping on some flavored water hoping to settle my stomach.

      We do not use condoms, but he does pull out…and i know the whole "pulling out doesnt work, ya ya ya.." but the pre-cum business seems ridiculous to me…and this situation seems so surreal since i would have not only had to have had THAT against me, but also the highly unlikely situation someone can get pregnant while having their period.

      i didnt get worried until this morning after i about passed out, so i dont believe someone can tell me its because i’ve been worrying myself sick about it, because i havent.

      Does anyone think its worth buying a pregnancy test? :side:


        If anything at all, it’s worth testing to set your mind at ease. But you seem to be aware that it would be extremely unlikely that you would be pg.


          It’s certainly worth getting a pregnancy test. I’d take it with a view to putting your mind at ease and then go from there. If it’s negative, then fine, and you can move on with your life; if it’s positive, you can start taking steps towards making a decision about what you want to do.
          Best of luck to you 🙂


            definately. i have heard u CAN get pregnant on your period.


              Update: after 4 days of sickness, 2 days of puking and 2 days where i could still barely stand to eat anything i was so nauseated, it came to a hault. The test i took was negative… so it seemed.

              I took one last night and there is what looks to be a very faint positive line. Im scared shitless, because i didnt pee on it near enough to get a good result, but its there when you look… my mom my be buying me one to make sure…and i’ll have to trust the outcome of that one..


                which yet again…was a very faint positive line, and then a completely negative test.

                does this make sense to anyone at all? =/

                they were the same brand, none of them were expired, i dont understand how i can get a positive test…then a negative one…unless one can really become un-pregnant that fast.

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