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      Homecoming is coming up in a couple weeks and my boyfriend and I have decided that we want to go due to all the stress and fighting that we’ve been having lately with one another. I think it would be fun to get out one night without stress and just enjoy being together without worrying about school or the coming years. Anyways… We are obviously on limited means for reasons I’m sure that I don’t have to explain, and I was wondering if anyone knew any places to get maternity dresses for a homecoming dance that are well… cheap.

      Thanks guys. πŸ™‚


        I dont know where to find those cheap.. But you can always improvise. You can get a dress that is tight around your bust and then loosens. That is what one of my friends did last year for prom. Or you could get a dress and take it to a tailor and have them fix it to fit you. Hmmm.


          OOo. i found some really cute dresses at for only like 20 bucks. They arent all that formal but theyre still really cute and maternity.


            i found some more formal dresses at But they are all around $200.


              You wouldn’t need a maternity dress, a normal dress that doesn’t hug your belly would do just as good. I’ve researched dresses because I’m getting married in the beginning of January and I’ll be about 6 months. Plus, maternity dresses are more money. So you can pretty much get a normal dress anywhere, unless you prefer a maternity one… I couldn’t really find any… so your best bet would probably be to google it. I hope this helps πŸ™‚


                If you or anyone you know is at ALL good with a sewing machine, definitely check out this dress: If you look through the pictures (click “Show Images Only” at the top) several people have made them into maternity dresses. Your only cost is the fabric!


                  Sometimes a formal regency style dress (ie waistline right under the bust) can be good even if it’s not specifically a maternity dress.
                  Or Amazon can have some great dresses that would be perfect if you add a dressy sweater!
                  Also if you have any thrift stores near you they can have some nice stuff. (Consignment stores are more expensive than thrift stores but generally have nicer quality dresses.)
                  If you wanna shop online try looking at the clearance or outlet sections.
                  Of course, if you can sew it is cheaper to make your own dress.
                  Oh yes, and check out this site

                  Out of curiosity, how far along are you? Because some non-maternity styles can work really well if you’re not too far along.


                    Thank you guys so much. πŸ™‚ I’ll check out all the suggestions.


                      Ooh. To answer your question, I’m 27 weeks along. Haha no hiding the belly. πŸ™‚


                        even second hand shops.

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