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      Hi my name is Liam. I want to tell people my story in ope it helps any girl or guy in our situation. Well here go’s nothing.

      I was eight years old when I met Mary. We were best friends from the beginning. She had the prettiest brown curly hair. We went through elementery school together. Then in 8th grade things started to change. We had always kissed, but we started to go further. By the time we were freshman we were having sex. There was a few times that we forgot to use protection. Then one day out of the blue Mary stopped calling me. When I tried to talk to her at school she said she just didn’t love me anymore. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t belive it. She was my best friend we told each other everything. I was so clueless so I just stopped talking to everybody. I tried so hard to forget about her but she was everywhere. Four months later I as still heart broken. My mother was really worried about me. She thought a change of senery would help so I spent the next two months in florida with my grandma.
      I was sitting on the front porch of my grandmas house when she brought the phone out to me and I heard my dads voice.
      “Son” he said
      “whats wrong are you and mom ok…I could hear the sadness in his voice.”
      Then “liam did you ever have sex with mary”
      just hearing her name brought tears to my eyes.
      ” because she just had a baby and if its yours…
      I couldn’t think of anything else. I actually ran into my grandmas hose and told her I wanted to go home. She drove me to the airport and bought me a ticket. I got on a plane and 12 hrs later I was in front of the mother ward. I asked to see Mary and they led me to her room.
      I saw her laying there looking so pale with a haunted look to her face. I will never forget that look. She wouldn’t really talk to me just said she was sorry. I felt this rush of resenment and told her it was all her fault and I hated her then stormed out of their. That was the last time I saw her. She had gone home two days later and overdosed on some pain pills. I will never forgot those word “Marys gone” her funeral was a living hell. I wanted just one more minute to tell her I was sorry and loved her. She had left a note to me saying she always loved me and just couldn’t tell me about the baby. I wanted her back so so much and felt like a horribel person. I had made her kill herself. I was a mess till a few days later when I relized I had a child. A very sick child in the hospital. she was born 3 monthes early and only weighed 2Ibs 9oz. She was hooked up to a bunch of wires and she looked just like Mary. I loved that little girl. I was only 15 but I knew I had to be there. During the next four months I went to the hospital and sat with my baby and fed her. I named her Mary Alice. She is healthy now and almost six monthes old. She is on my lap fast asleep as tears well in my eyes. She looks just like her mother. I miss and think about Mary every day and I have a picture of me and her I show Mary Alice. I tell her all about her mama and how she loved the ocean and how she would have loved you.


        Wow. Your story brought tears to my eyes. You are such a strong person and I commend you for caring your little girl. One day there will be some one who can help you heal your wounds, trust me. I’m sure that Mary has forgiven your words. She had just had a baby and was overcome with emotion and irrational thoughts. It’s not your fault at all, and don’t blame yourself. She is in heaven and will be watching over you and little Mary Alice.

        Though I can’t imagine the pain your going through, I just found out that I’m having a little boy. Children make everything worth it, don’t they? My boyfriend and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I kept the pregnancy from him for a month before I talked to him about it, and he wasn’t really angry because he was going through so much shock at the time. We’ve both said things, especially me, that we don’t mean and I know that they’re just that- things you don’t mean. And you know that in your heart, and Mary knows that, and Mary Alice will know that.

        You have my prayers & blessings with you. I know what it feels like to lose a close loved one, so please don’t hesitate to talk to me whenever you’re feeling down. I’d love to hear about Mary Alice.


            your story is so touching.. i bet its really hard but dont worry its not your fault mary did what she did. When you just have a baby your hormones and everything try to go back to normal and everything just looks darker sometimes then anything so dont blame yourself im sure mary knew u didnt mean it. And now u have a beautiful daughter she must be a blessing and i completly think your doing the best thing in raising ur daughter.. if u ever need to talk im always around 🙂


              Wow… really are such a strong person. Don’t feel that this is your fault, im sure that due to the pregnancy she was overwhelmed by emotions. I think that is great that you are taking responsibility for your daughter and im sure Mary would be very proud. We are all here if you have any questions or need to talk. Best of luck and you are a stand up dad.


                wow, that is my name

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