Marine wife to be?

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      I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice for being in the military period.. not just the wife.. like if you grew up on base, how do they treat you? ya know everything!

      my fiance just decided to join the marines a month ago, and we are getting married this coming sept… meaning i will be moving with him to wherever he gets stationed..

      thanks for the advice:D


        Congratulations on your engagement!!

        Military life as a couple can be very rewarding. Traveling with your spouse every few years seeing new places and meeting a lot of new people. Especially when you travel to different countries. You will have many benefits as a spouse of a military wife. Medical, dental and housing payed for. It will be a blessing for you as a new wife, especially with the economy being in such a terrible mess. 🙂 Living on bases will make you feel as if you’re part of a community of others like you. So if you love people, then you will like it. Sometimes, housing can be a little too close for comfort. Duplexes right on top of one another and backyard’s that share a common fence. You’ll have to decide if you want more privacy than that.
        But as a new couple with a small salary at first, living on base may be the better option no matter what you have to endure. When he gets promoted and your budget allows for the extra spending, then look into a small apartment or small house for rent off base if you find you really need to get away from the crowd.
        But, I would look into making some of the wives meetings once you get to his first duty station. They will have all sorts of resources to choose from for you at that meeting. Anywhere from, shopping at the PX, medical facility locations, eye clinics, gymnasiums, wic offices, (woman, infant, children service) and many others. That will be an important one for you…..and from that, take what you like and need and go from there.

        You should be proud of your fiance, and of yourself for taking on such a committment. It’s a true life of service when you marry a military man.

        Good luck and may God bless you and your marriage!!

        (married to a retired service man for over 20 yrs.):)


          hi, i have been with my boyfriend for a while who’s in the RAF in the UK. as of yet we dont live together & i don’t get to move around with him, but if he ever pops the question i will stand by his side. bing with some1 in the military can be challenging but tottally worthwhile, if he ever goes overseas thats really hard to cope with but missing eacother only makes you closer when they get back. hope this helps. x

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