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      I would really appreciate a response to my question about abortion, I am really scared. I cant to talk to any family or friends about it due to the amount of complications that surround my pregnancy. Only the baby’s father knows. And being a guy does not know anything about it. If anyone has been through it before I would really like to know what happens and how they felt.

      Many thanks



        Hiya heidi, im 16 and i had an abortion when i was 14.Scared isn’t the word to describe how i felt about my pregnancy so i know how are feeling. How far along are you? I didn’t know where to go when i found out, the father pushed me into it and its something ive regretted ever since, it’s really hard physically and emotionally.I posted my story on the site a while back, feel free to read it, it mostly talks about what i experienced with abortion. It would probably make more sense than me trying to talk about now!
        Whatever people might say it is your decision, no one elses, you have to live with whatevr you choose.
        Take care, email me if you would like,
        Lots of love jenna x

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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