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    princess Angela


      Well it all started 1st september 2007 i met him the night before and stayed at his place he was the most amazing guy i had ever met well at least thats what i thought at the time.

      Over the following month he was nothing but sweet he moved in with me and we were happy for a while everything was perfect he was so in love with me and i was so in love with him. Until things started to change, He started pulling away not sayin he loved me anymore, Not wanting to kiss and hug like we used to and always wanting to just stay at home…

      He was spendin alot of the time on the net and texting other ppl in my company when i started to get a bit suspicious i asked him if he was cheatin on me and as all guys say he said no of course.. I beleived him for a bit then one day snooped threw his work back and found a letter for a 15 yr old girl named pip… He would call her off my house fone while i was at work and deny he did it when the phone bill came in. We started slowly drifing apart even though we were still together and still livin with each other.

      One day he told me he had to go to melb for work… an asked me if he could borrow 200 dollars which i gave to him because i loved him… boy was that a stupid idea… The next day he msges me sayin things are going well an cant wait to come home to me.. i tried callin him after work that day an he turned off his phone eventually i found out where he was by callin this chicks number i saved in my phone once her name was larissa anyways i found out he had really gone to newcastle and apperantly they were together.

      Then he didn’t know that i was pregnant but i came out an told him … he didnt come back for days and then one night i went to his place and he hit me because he told me not to go there…. Yet i still stayed with him after that although it was near next to impossible because my parents hated him after that… We tried an eventually he did it again an left for a 16 yr old this time..

      They broke up or so he said an he was still sleepin with me … then i found out they got back together and he had the nerve to tell me that there relationship was complicated…

      He never wanted the baby and told me to get an abortion which i agreed to to try and get my money back… which never happened.. Im still pregnant because i refused to get rid of my child.

      I guess is what im tryin to achieve by writing all this is to tell young girls of wat some guys can be like an if things like this start to happen get out before it gets to hard..Make our own choices and dont find yourself in a position where manipultive men can screw up your life… the way my ex did to me…

      Love Angela and bump xoxo


        good on you for telling ur story. No-one needs this crap in life.


          I love your story and im glad you kept your baby! 🙂

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