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      hi there, basically, i need ur advice on how to handle this situation.

      i befriended this guy on facebook, yeah FACEBOOK! LOL 😆
      well actually, we r studying in the same university…but he is not and never been my clazzmate. But this semester, he is clazzmates with my former clazzmates.

      well our friendship grew everyday in facebook. well i lyk him, he is a very NICE, funny, polite, creative and smart guy. well our friendship lasted only for a short period of time though… 😥

      we chat everyday, we text each other at nyt. (man! i miss those…)

      well it came to a point that i compared him to sumone, and i said that “You are almost the same, but that guy is ALOT MORE serious than u.”…and i think he didnt lyk the phrase “alot more serious”…and he replied rudely. he said “sorry but i dont know how to be serious, then dont talk to me then, talk to THAT guy.” ….then i quickly answered back “oh thats why ur girlfriends always leave u, u dont knw how to be serious…haha juzt kidding”….and after all that, he became annoying.

      then i tag him to some pics, and there is this pic that his comment made me extremely angry. it is said on the pic, “If u are going to give me a boyfriend, who is he?”…he commented and said “uhmm…is that (fullname of the guy i compared him to), go after him! coz he is ur crush right!?”….he totally pissed me off! 😡

      then we had an argument on the chatbox about the comment…and he think it was just a joke then when he said that he had to go, i quickly replied, “even dont come back!”…and he said why, did he do anything?…well yeah, he is been insulting this guy to me, and blah blah blah…he was saying sorry for all he said…and im a hot tempered girl, so i said to him”care to ur own lyf now! ill remove u!”…..and he said…”aww…dont do it lyk that.”….and yeah i removed him from my list.

      and he add a request again and sent a message about how is sorry and even sent a music video that entitled “Baby come back to me” looooool WT hell!!??

      and yh we had little talking and finally accepted him…but i said, ur such a lucky person coz i normally block those who i remove. and he was gonna reply but i on purposely closed the window browser…yeah i know im rude too. lol

      after several minutes, i came back to facebook and looked back to his profile, he set his status”aww. so much loneliness.well but i understand. if thats the way it must be. sorry again. its all my fault. tnx for being a part of me.”…well this was his status when i just removed him.

      i didnt text or sent any message to him the whole 2 days…but it came to a point that he was actually asking my former classmates wot is going on…

      so i posted sumthing on his wall saying that we’re cool, i’m no emo. and yh he replied with a smiley.

      but he is cold. and he have set his status to “everything’s gone. but when i met you, i felt happiness,..although it ends in a short time… for all i did, i’m very ashamed on my self even if she forgave me. i’ll never bother you anymore. but don’t worry,this is not the end…”…….well that made me CRY! 😥 😥

      i hate myself…because of this. this is so sad…i cried all nyt…[/color]


        it sounds to me like hes jealous of the other guy you compared him to. it sounds like he really likes you. im not sure what you should do but i think you should let him know exactly how you feel about him, no jokes just a serious conversation about the 2 of you.

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