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      Hi, I,m 18 and married the man of my dreams and after we got off our honeymoon i started bleeding really bad i knew i was pregnant and the docter told me i had a tubal and it was very bad they had to do surgery right away before they could get in there it blew up along with my baby I was bleeding to death, but they got it to stop. Now my huspend and me are tring to have another I got my period on the 28th of oct and we have been tring for awhile about 2 times a day we really want one, does anyone know if i could be pregnant now? When is the beat time to take a test? :unsure:


        If you are trying to get pregnant, dont have sex every single day. Having sex every day decreases the amount of sperm that he ejaculates because it doesnt have time to rebuild itself. The best time to try is about 2 weeks after your period, when you are ovulating. Every girl is different though. The best time to take a preg. test is a few days after your missed period. I wish you the best of luck!!!!


          the best time to use a test is you can try the "First Response" test like three days before your next period is due and use it in the morning b/c that is when it is most accurate. you should also know that most girls ovulate between 12-16 days after your period starts so that is the best time to try to get pregnant. i also read that it can be very difficult to get pregnant after a tubal pregnancy so dont be surprised if it takes a while especially since your body will need time to heal since your tube bursted. good luck on concieving again. you should ask your doctor about things you can do to prevent another tubal pregnancy before you try to concieve again. good luck.

          gina lynn

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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