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      I was 13 years old when my mom died,and all of the sudden our lifestyle has totally changed because of those girls who flirts with my dad and yes my dad married again but it’s hard for me to accept especially if that certain person he married doesn’t understand me,we always have misunderstandings and because of that i don’t want to mingle with them..it’s not that i’m selfish but i just want to feel appreciated, my stepmom always looks me down, i know she hated me that’s why i didn’t stay at home instead in a boarding house near our school, i’m not happy being with my own family..i wonder why but maybe because of what my dad did.I’m around 18 now a student of business administration and my studies makes me forget my problems I have my one true brother and the others were my step bro. and sis but i treated them fairly my mom is the second wife of my dad after a few days his 1st wife dad,weird isn’t it,sometimes conflict arises between me with my brothers and sisters, back to my topic..hmmm. it’s sad being alone ,not being with your mom it seems..it feels like your world has already been broken into pieces and you want to commit suicide, but god is great because he always leans his hand and helped me face any problems..thanks 😉

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