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      I’m sure alot of women here went above that whole chart that says you should gain about 25 lbs in your pregnancy. I gained 30something lbs by my 6th month. I lost the whole weight in less than 2 weeks. I don’t know how but i think stress. The thing is, I still don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. My belly seems dropped and no matter how much I don’t eat and how much I exersice, it’s not helping.
      Someone had told me that when you give birth and your size shrinks your strech marks will become finer and definately wont stay purple. And that is definately not happening.
      Should I be doing something that Im not? Any advice? Thanks


        Well…I havent had my baby yet, but I do know plenty of people (and younger girls) who have had there’s and the doc says not to work out or exercise until about 6 weeks after the baby is born. Or whenever your doc/midwife says you can. Cause your inside of your body is still very sensitive and has gone through alot while being pregnant and if you do strenuous workout (lifitng weights, sit ups…) it can damage and cause internal bleeding. And no…I am not lying, so people dont come and tell me that i am! he stretch marks do lighten after a while, but not right away. I do not think that there is anything you can do about them, they are permanent damage to the skin and will lighten up when they get ‘older’.


          two months!!! you gotta give it a little more time than that….dont worry your body will continue to adjust and change….as you age your body will go through more changes also so you might not look like you did before again but dont sweat it…just make sure you are eating right because you dont want to be unhealthy and take a little more time before starting to go exercise crazy….I hope this helped….Meg


            You sound like a lucky one to have just dropped the baby weight, i kept mine from my first pregnancy and im due in 22 days with number 2 so hopefully i lose some of the weight. I’m not one to stress over what i look like. It take your body 12mths to get back to normal they say.
            I hope you are losing the weight safely and not starving yourself. Stretch marks take time to fade but they dont stay purple..i was so worried they would stay purple too as i got them all over my tummy, bum, boobs but they ended up changing to a silver colour which blended in with the colour of my skin so they weren’t that noticable.


              i was 110 before i got pregnant, and i was 160 exactly when i went into labor. i was 145 after i got home, and i have been working out at the gym doing crutches and cardio for an hour 4 times a week. i am down to 125 but my tummy flab is still there. to help get rid of this, i am massaging it with pregnancy tummy butter/lotion every day and also using anti-wrinkle cream. the massaging i hope will stimulate my skin to fix itself, and the anti-wrinkle cream to help make it firm.

              as for clothes, i cant quite fit into mine either yet. your actual bone structure sometimes changes after having a baby.


                i haven’t had my baby yet, but when i got preg i was 129, and i’m 33wks 6days now and i weight 161…aagg…i know i can get the weight off im just not sure if my skin will tighten back up…i hope it does though!


                  well to get rid of stretch marks they have this stuff called maderma you can find it in most stores.. it fades scars. well with weight, i am one of the lucky ones. i weighbirth 125 when i gave birth and when i left the hospital i was already in my pre pregnancy clothes. but most peopledont lose it until months afterwards. dont stop eating. your body needs the nutrients to heal from your pregnancy. and dont excersise until your doctor says you can. you dont want to hurt yourself. good luck

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