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      This week has been the worst week of my life. Cory and i broke up this week and i am just plain DESTORYED!! i really didnt want to lose it. I love Cory more than anything. And I am extremly scared that Cory is going to take my daughter and i wouldnt have custody of her. I am extrely scared, i miss Cory and i miss my kids, they are with family right now because i know that i am not exactly stable enough to have my kids right now. I love my family, and it is all falling apart. I am so just freaking out. I have no didnt what to do. Any help is greatly appricated… you can email me..



        Hi, Krystel.

        Keep it together and try to be as calm as possible. Right now, I think the only way you can help yourself is by showing everybody just how stable and reliable a person you are. Whatever mistakes you’ve made, you have to live with. That’s what being a parent and being an adult is about.

        As I told you in another post, you really have to look at what you have and see how much you wanna fight for it. At this point, you seem to have lost Cory. Maybe. It doesn’t have to end that way, though. Whatever his reasons are for leaving, these reasons are real for him. You have to address these issues. Married people always have issues and it’s part of being together that you work these issues out.

        One very good friend of mine kicked her husband out the door when he showed that (after around ten years of marriage) he really couldn’t handle his anger and was capable of really physically hurting his son. They’re actually all friends now but what this shows is this: if a person sees and thinks that his/her partner is not good for his/her kids, then that person will seek sole custody.

        If you’re afraid that Cory may seek custody of your children, then make sure the courts don’t have reason to decide in his favor. Show just how responsible you are. If you don’t have some sort of job, get one. The other girls here have shown that they can manage work and taking care of their children. You can, too. Show the courts and Cory that you are a very responsible, caring and mature mother.

        Once that is out of the way, then it would be time, I think, to try and work things out with Cory. If he values his children enough, he knows that he cannot keep their family apart and that means sticking close together. Of course, that also means your having to show him what you’re all about and that he will be missing out a lot by not being with you. Show him again why he fell in love with you in the first place and show him that there’s really more where that came from.

        Never let him forget what a good person you are. Though good looks make a very good first impression on guys, it always stays as a first impression. A lasting impression is one that is based on what a person is really about and that’s what he should see.

        Keep it together and show them who you are. Your babies and even Cory is counting on you.

        Take care, honey and email me anytime you need to talk more.



          Hey girl,

          I know it hurts rite now, but one day you’ll either get bk together with him or youll move on n wonder wat you ever saw in him…..

          I kno it sounds cruel and painful rite now what Im saying, but my longtime bf left me wen i was five months pregnant, and two years on im really fine and happy. i guess i was lucky, i could lie there and cry for months until my son was born….but one day itll be fine, trust me.

          Until that day, just keep holding on, I guess.:) that day will come.


            when a door closes a window opens, just be patient and stay strong.

            you can do and get through anything you put your mind to,.

            you WILL grow from this pain and confusion even thoug hit doesnt seem like it right now ]

            good luck sweety


              Hey huni, sounds like you’re having a rough time.
              I know the feeling of just falling apart, and feeling like you’re going crazy. All you can do is pray, and try to be strong. God will give you strength to get through this, and you WILL be able to be a great mother to your children.
              Some advice…I don’t know if you have ever talked to a counselor or therapist or anything, but I believe they are of great help. It just gives you another person’s perspective, someone on the outside, and their job is to help YOU. I have been in counseling since before my son was born, and my counselor is kind of like a good friend of mine now, I almost look forward to the days we get to talk. And if you are sill having trouble coming out of your depression and hopelessness…there is no problem with getting an antidepressant to help, if your doctor thinks it would be ok. They can work wonders. Good luck, and get back to me if you need ANYTHING at all!! We love you here, and I’ll be praying for you.

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