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      ma name is abby im 16 years old and im a month and 2 weeks pregnant i dnt kno the best way to tell my parents. i just told my babys daddy today he thinks im just saying this because we been fighting and broke up last week,im scared!
      he point blank told me its not his and i havent been with anyone but him sense september 2010 thats been 6 months, he makes me so mad because he dont care, :angry: im scared im going to go threw this alone and my baby is gonna suffer i came from a broken family and i didnt want to bring my kid up like this, i never benn so scared,angry, and alone like this in my life! i love my baby already :kiss: when i feel him/her it makes me smile. but im scared this is not the best thing for me! 🙁


        You have to do whats right for you girl your choices not only affect you but affect the baby growing inside you don’t stress to much or your going to lose your baby take it from someone who knows dont think about it all at once

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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