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      I’m now 9 months pregnant and cannot wait for my baby to get here.

      My partner works alot of over time which i truely respect him for because even thou the money aint all that good he still does it. He goes out atleast 2nights a week but only ever for an hour to play football.
      He is out with his friends tonight drinking and i really dont mind him doing this because when the baby does arrive his time with freinds might be a little bit less than what it is now.

      Even thou i dont mind him going out and have no problem with it why is it that i secretly cry when he isint here
      once he walks out the door i feel so lonely
      since getting pregnant my freinds have abandonded me, always making promises to come visit but it never happens.
      I always here about them having house partys or even just quite nights in just a few of them but i never get invited.
      Its scary that the people i thought were there for me really arent and it isint fair that i need to depend on my bf so much to keep me company.

      Im sick of crying over this i feel so pathetic but i cant talk to anyone about it because as sad as it may sound i have no one to talk to.


        well let me tell you this is when youll find your true friends it happend to me as well.i was left with like 2 friends n after my 2nd child with 1 n i dont see her much come on now who wnats to be friends with someone with 6 kids, well i have 2 friends now n alot on here. you have to find friends with babys girls with out dont understand they mostly wnat to party n say about you she cant comeo ut shes got a baby o no dont invite her well girl go to a play group once your babys born or join a group in your area for new moms n youll meet people they might not be the people you wnat to hang out with all the time but youll know someone n maybe they will be it a shame it takes something like this to show you whos real n whos fake. talk to your bf dont cry tell him how you feel.comeh ere n talk your never alone we all love ya here.


          Stop feeling guilty.You gave birth and you are so hormonal my dear.All the pain you feel and all the sadness you feel i have felt it too and although ive got no father around i feel like friends did betray me when pregnant and now they use me to go out when no bfs are around.I feel used! i feel so so sad most of the time when my bf is out and i feel like i have no choice.You cant just bottle up your feelings, at least you have some1 around who cares and you should open your heart about it…its not about making some1 feel guilty because you are lonely…remember its mostly hormones.I promise, and I know coz ive been there.My best and I hope you tell him.


            what i mean is that once you give birht things will soothen up, then some other new feelings suddenly pop out.


              i know what you mean too. Although i have a friend that comes around every few wks but she does work alot too and i know that takes alot of her time.
              I had a friend not that long ago ask me to come to her housewarming- no kids or partners allowed, i said in that case i wouldnt be going. She said it was stupid blah blah- she has kids of her own but dumps them at the grandparents so she can get time out whenever.
              I dont believe in dumping my kids on anyone because i changed my life when i had kids and if she couldnt accept that then stuff her and we didnt end up going. She is silly anyway:)

              I know you’ve had bubs now..is it any different now? I know that i was so lonely before i had kids coz hubby worked. Thats why i was so clingy with him..


                aww i understand the clingyness!!
                because i love my boyfriend to death, and i always feel i need to be with him whenever i get the chance to, i feel like i cant go a second without being with him, or else i get reallly lonely and bored =[

                i’m 4 1/2 months pregnant and going through some tremendous amounts of stress but alot of it has lessened over time. I love being with my babys daddy because it gives me a strong sense of security that we’re going to work this through and make it =]


                  I absolutely hear you girl!
                  Friends can be so mean — I’m going through the same stuff with my friends, because I can’t just hang out with them etc., I’m so different, and I don’t know any real life young mothers, it’s so hard, it gets a bit lonely.
                  But the main thing is not to give up, and just relax and understand it’s not because you’re being a bad person or anything. Even though you’re about to give birth, busy yourself with something — set yourself a goal, like decorating the house, or better yet, get out of the house and find out about something you’ve always wanted to, join a mother’s group/playground. Go out and look for something to do that interests you.
                  As hard as it is right now, you have to have your own independent life from your bf to have a healthy relationship, so if right now just go out and do something, doesn’t matter if it’s by yourself. That’s what I do when I have a day to only myself and my son. To be interesting to other people, you have to be interesting to yourself.
                  I pray everything gets better — once bub comes along you won’t have much time for things! Now is the time to catch that movie, even if by yourself, do some windown shopping in peace, go to a library, whatever you want…

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