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      I’m fifteen and pregnant. I live at home right now with. My boyfriend who is very loving and protecting of me, especially through this all, is living back and fourth from Canada(my place of residence) and Berlin, Germany. My sister Naddalyn( passed away June 11) told my dad when she was pregnant with Nevaeh my neice and he flipped, he was over aggressive and VERY angry, with threatening. It only gets worse when the bottle of rye, or hard liqior comes to play. He told my older brother he only gets made, because he raises and trains olympic athletes, which is not performing to the highest capacity when the brothers I live with party, and pregnancy helps no performance to the athletes.
      (sister plays beach volleyball in Jr Olympics, my brother plays full scholarship basketball and I play national volleyball and canadian AAA Hockey) He seems to think that’s all I’m ever good for. I’m keeping this baby!!! What would you do with my dad? How would you break the news? Tell me everything!!!
      love always.


        :cheer: WOW! Well that’s awesome that you are sooo talented!!! and actually you and your whole family!! However, if you do plan on keeping this baby please take heed and caution to even the littlest things. You’re pretty young but that just means that there are that many more people ready to help you out even if your father won’t. Sorry that yousister has gone on—i send my condolences to you and your family—did she pass when she was giving birht)? if so be careful during your pregnancy. ok? b:) Make sure you have a back up and another back up also a lil cash put to the side and maybe even a half or a whole dozen resources and people that you can contact if things so south. Do all this before you tell him b/c some ppl get kicked out and others just get shunned or mistreated and some are surprising and are okay with it so make sure you just have all that you need so when you fall you land on your feet and not your butt. It sounds like he’s gonna be angry with you and a bit diappointed but I believe if he sees that you have it all together then maybe he’ll come around. Prepare yourself for the worst b/c even if you have it all together the unthinkable can happen, ya kno? So js ‘get-it-together’ and STAND UP TALL and be the woman we all here know you can be and take your first Honorable steps toward motherhood and be pround of your lil bundle of JOY!!!


          Thank you so so so much. I need all the advice I can get. Your words have giving me so much confident. I’m ready for this baby and all the wonders on my journey. Thank you so so so so much. <3 muchh love.


            im going throught the same thing so don’t feel like your the only one. My mom and my step dad is going to flip when i tell them but me and my boyfriend developed a plan so i can be safe, since recetly my mom and everyone been hitting me or getting into fist fights. way before , i’ve found teen pregnacy homes, told sum of my trusted friend’s mothers and once we tell his mom [we tellin her 1st]. he think she will not let me leave with her grand baby!! most likely since she helps her family but yeah just develop a lot of plans. idk if you can get goverment help, but if you can get it. just get oyur self mentally and physically prepared!! :woohoo:

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